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16 April 2009



Caption for the photo:

"Who's the fr*ggin' a**hole who stole my d*mn sunblock!!!"


Yup! Its nothing new though, so Im not surprised, and I wouldnt be surprised if some of those so called cops and agents watching from a distance, were White Supremacist themselves. As always Rod, thanks for the latest news, and updates.

Nathan James

"No need or rush to call the cops, or even make a fuss...
'cause chances are, the cops and judge, wearing our hoods are US..."

Believe that. It is no surprise to me that the white-supremacist movement is resurgent these days. I wonder if I'm the only one who notices that since Obama entered the White House, suddenly there's an outcry that the Federal government has too much power? Can't let that black man in the WH enjoy the same unfettered control we gave George W. Bush!

None of the talking heads has yet made the connection between the states' 10th Amendment "resolutions" and calls for secession, and the white-supremacist mentality. The white powers-that-be would still rather "lose it than share it", a throwback to the "white flight" days of the 1970s...

Derrick from Philly


His private fantasy is to be locked in a prison cell with OJ...twenty years ago.


Wow, scary indeed, but, somehow I doubt if they were duped, its not as if its NYC or LA and you really don't know who you would be renting a hall to. And with talk radio and Fixed Noise egging them on and the right wing govenors in more than a few states, its only going to get worse.

This irrational fear of a black man in the WH is driving them to total desperation, and, yet, they forget, it was people who look like them, well not as icky as the guy in the caption, but, white voters.


I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. The so called tea party is another example of whites being upset at having a black president. none of this type of demonstrations went on while Bush ran the whole global economy into the ground. and they think they are slick, using code words such as 'socialism' to spread fear among each other and the public. suddenly they are not happy because they way in which they've duped the American people for centuries is coming to light. Ok, OK, my sister keeps telling me to calm down. I'll get off tis soapbox now. and I breathe . . .

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