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28 May 2009



what is really sad about this farce is that jackson and his ministers are all black. it feeds the myth that all blacks are homophobic, and you know they are funded by white social conservatives.


Chitown Kev

All I have to say about all this drama that seems to be reaady to erupt in DC is I hope the black gay community in DC can stand up.


I think this is just the reflection of the older set and the conservative black folks. Nothing more, nothing less. The problem with the problem lays with the socially moderate and uninformed on the issue. If it does come down to a referendum then those will be your true aides in the pro same-gender marriage initiative's passage.


LMAO aren't there bigger issues for them to battle? I also find it funny in DC of all places. don't you guys have a huge black LGBT Community there?


Nope, these anti-gay black pastors always want to fight gays. they need to be worried about the sky high murder rate in DC, or homicide, or AIDS, the serious issues facing the community.


Well Moreno,

Truth be told. Those issues are plaging everywhere. But you know the white based media will put Blacks on display as if No Hispanics, Asians, or Poor whites suffers from the same thing. BULLS#@T

After all the Prop 8 petition wasn't started by African Americans. Some of them were fooled with lying language to support it.

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