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29 May 2009



How depressing....


LMAO a hot mess.

Lang B.

As if "gay" marriage is gonna make traditional marriages extinct. So nutty the way peeps in the world think. She is probably single.

They need to send her tail to a "traditional" mental care facility.


someone didn't take their meds, lol

girlfriend is off her rocker. literally!


Pray for her...lol she needs it.

alicia banks

what gentle garbage men!

good riddance to goofy rubbish...



Marriage equality brings out the crazies, that's for sure. Things will get a lot worse before they get better.


Like I said before. Somebody better come get your mother; she outside actin' a fool outside of the Presidents' plane.


LOL.. i saw that on the news last night. there is so much crazy in the world..


lOL @ saywhat aand alicia


I am sure this woman was aware of protocol and she clearly violated it. I have no sympathy for her at all.

I stand by the Secret Service dragging her ass out of the area. She got just what she asked for when told to leave and she did not comply. Have no doubt there are other stories about this glory hallelujah screaming fool waiting to be told to whoever cares to listen.

Let us also not forget MLK was stabbed in the chest with a fork by a crazed black woman who was allowed to get too close.

And just what the hell is a Roman catholic priestess?


LOL! @ gurlene's priestess comment. That is too funny. People are stupid, c'est la vie.-QH

Chitown Kev

too. many. things!

Honut SInti

Paper or plastic? Bag the beotch and move on. Next!

Honut SInti

Paper or plastic? Bag the B**ch! Next!


I guess she didn't get the memo, black women who are straight are the least likely of all women to get married, maybe she needs to get that dress back to TJMax and the shoes back to Payless and try again and while trying to 'save' marriage, try stopping out of wedlock kids, oh yeah, that's something they don't want to discuss since the GOP does not pay them for that.


LOL@ some black activists like her are like blind forest rangers in a wildfire chasing everything but the fire itself. She should be focusing her energies on children of unwed mothers, adaquate sex education, and ways to lower the number of black males failing to graduate high school.


how obama not support gay marriage when its obvious michelle tucks.

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