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21 May 2009


Shane Moseley

Once again, it all comes down to "black church"...the third rail of discussion in the black gay community.

DC has very many out black gay men who go to clubs, parties and attend black gay events. Many attend churches that are not very gay supportive, like Bishop Alfred Owens church.

I think many are fine living in their closet with the door halfway open. Will they become active in the gay marriage fight in DC? Who knows. But I know many black gay and lesbian couples in the city who have been together long time..


does everyone know about bishop owens church?....

greater mt calvary holy church is one of most hateful churches toward gays but their choirs are packed with the queens.



I bet a month's salary that the majority of out gay blacks in DC don't show up. They are COWARDS. They choose to support churches and other christain's group that verbally bash them weekly. As long as the hind behind their closet door, their will be no justice for them. They want someone else to do the fighting for them. The white gay communities dont stand by and be victimize



it's not just the choir at Greater Mt Calvary that is fill of queens. It's the whole church. When I first went to the church, I had never been in a church with so many obviously gay men and women.

I don't understand why so many of them allow Bishop Owens to tear them apart and stay.

I don't go to a gay church, but my pastor does not talk about gays at all. I could not stay in a church where I was torn down by the pastor all the time.

My lover went to a church where the pastor attached gay people ever week, going as far as to stand over people that he thought was gay and looking right in their face as he preached so that every one in the church knew that he was talking about that person. My lover is just getting to a point where he is comfortable with who he is and its all because of the things that happened to him in that church.

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