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05 May 2009



>>>The only vote against the measure came from Council member and former mayor Marion Barry who first voted for the bill and "didn't realize what he was voting on"

Put down the crack pipe and stay out of politics.


Yes that is my question too.

Did Barry say this before the crack whore and pipe or after?


Leave it to Barry, cocaine czar to put his 'nay' vote out there. I bet he's gotten laid with every conceivable person imaginable and yet he has the gall to say 'no, the lord made me do it'. Cocaine Barry!

But it's good to know DC got this through their legislature. Good on them!


actually, he needs to go back to the crack house and lay down somewhere....that was such a lame excuse.. like hey lets get this guy, hell if he can smoke crack and such and get caught AND get re-elected then we may have something... ugh!


Crack kills...."shaking head", damn shamn.....


This is great the conservatives won't whether to sh*t or go blind.


Crack or Alzheimer's?

Either way "YAY!" for everyone else.


Yay! Finally in my home town. Go DC!

Derrick from Philly

He used to be built and handsome back in the 60s...into the 80s. Then...well....if you're going to grow old publically, then be nice.

alicia banks



they cracked that crackhead's cracked up face!

ps rod:

have you seen that carrie prejean has been busted for soft porn pix!

i feel like ice cube:
"today was a good day!..."

i am editing more now at OUTLOOK:



Crack is a powerful drug. It sounds like your brain is sizzling.

Chitown Kev

Didn't da Mayor know that crack is whack?

Methinks he needs to do a 30 day stint in rehab

Maaaaan, I wanna say some THANGS but I will not disrespect Rod's blog like that.

He's a lying crack smoking hypocrite who's probably taking some coins up under the table from some of those pastors. Who are probably doing the same things he's doing.

In the meantime, WHERE is the black gay community in DC and why are they not clown stomping this fool?


See, this should be a lesson for those gays in DC.

Get him off the council.


"...who's probably taking some coins up under the table from some of those pastors."

That's it right there. When in doubt, follow the money. And "some of those pastors" may well be Southern white pastors, too.

I'm just waiting now to hear some of those good, Fox News–type Christians, like Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, tell us what a redeemed man Marion Barry is—"It's a miracle of God!"—now that he has fearlessly stood up for that most Christian of principles, hatred.


barry has no moral authority. he is making a fool of himself yet again.

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