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14 May 2009



i'm impressed


This is great. I'm so glad to see our young men standing up and taking advantage of the opportunities that come their (our) way. I wish him the best. He is an amazing example of what we can accomplish!

Nathan James

This fine young man deserves every success! We need to see more like him. His accomplishments will point the way for other bright, young SGL men of color.

Joe W

I went to his website - and made a donation. He's great!

alicia banks


a great role model and inspiration for all!



I already contributed to his campaign and encourage others to do so. BTW The linguist that they are kicking out is a classmate of Lt. Woods.


I'm glad to hear this wonderful news. The 10th Congressional district is where I live. Finally, I'll get to vote for two of my own -- Black and gay. I'll definitely pay close attention to him.


We need more stories like this. Plus he is nice eye candy. for a change eye candy with substance


I wish him all the luck in the world.

The more friendly LGBT people in congress we get the better. make they can FORCE Mr. Obama to keep his promises.


This story is PHENOMENAL!
And yes I just donated too, I love to see any positive brotha making a difference.

You go Anthony Woods!


I'm kinda disappointed he's Gay! That means I don't have a chance, lol!

I wish him much success though. He has done a lot in his mere 28 years! I hope he wins!

Andy Niable

Get out those checkbooks. Money talks (and wins).


Yes I am donating!
This man is an inspiration ... and PHINE.


I've already donated and will donate again! I'm totally committed to supporting a gay brotha!! Lets all unite and donate some cash and pass along info about Anthony Woods to a friend. I'm so proud of Anthony!


Thank you for bringing us this positive story. I read elsewhere that as a consequence of being discharged under the D-A-D-T policy, he was required to repay the $35,000 scholarship he had received from the Kennedy School, which he called "a small price to pay for being honest." Now that's putting your money where your mouth is.

Chitown Kev


Mark Andrew

I just donated too. Good for him and for us in Northern Cal.

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