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05 May 2009


S. Flemming

That has got to be the worst thing I've ever heard ...

Andrew Holleran

This is an outrage...how dare these people call themselves 'religious'

they are thugs using allah's name in vain, just like these so called 'christians' in america



This is absolutely sickening. People treat their animals better than they do a gay person. Religion is responsible for so much evil in this world.


wow just wow


I have no words...


I am not surprised. I guess it was Allah who told these people to sell our ancestors into slavery knowing we were going to be exported away from our africans "rulers" for good.

People I know I rattle nerves when I remind people who it was that HAD to have cooperated with Mr. BlankMan when the slave trade was going on. Who else knew the territory and the tribes deep within the jungles that would put up the least resistance?

I have very little sympathy for them as a whole but do object how they single out gays for their frustrations and very twisted religious beliefs. This went above and beyond the call of religion. I doubt even Iran would have bothered a dead body.

Crenshaw Boulevard

This is a shame and a disgrace. Senegal is fastly becoming the most homophobic nation in Africa. And it takes a helluva lot of work to force Nigeria to give up that title.

And Gurlene is right. You would never (hopefully) hear of something like this in Iran.


I am speechless. That poor family.

alicia banks

this is how deeply they hate us...even beyond our graves

i hate them even deeper...across oceans of time...


alicia banks


religion is eternal
so is religious hatred

my religion is revenge
and it is also eternal...



These people will be judged in the end by the highest court of them all.

It just shows these people have nothing to do over there but to dig up a dead body. Thats so disrespectful to bury a body up and then bring it to the family's house CRAZY!


Ahhh ! ! !
The Motherland ! !
Such romance and nobility in the land where it all began ~ where we were all kings and queens. Let's go back and kiss the ground when we arrive ! ! !

Kevin Perez

I hate these two paticular religions. I'm ever so tired of hearing "Not all Christians are like that!" or "Not all Muslims are like that!" whenever some of us are outraged by this type of stuff. Honestly, I'm sick of Christians and Muslims. I'm sick of hearing about Jesus or Allah.

I swear, some us LGBT of color would be far of better without that religious BS or people "Gay Christians" trying to convince us otherwise. I believe there's something greater than man, a higher power we cannot explain but certainly not these blood-thirsty @$$holes everybody worships.

Sorry, but I've had enough talks about Jesus Christ and Allah. I don't care about it anymore.


I can't stand most Africans, I like some women but thats it. The only thing meaningful these people have ever done is sold us to slavery.

Also I agree with Mr. Perez. Gay Christians are like short people USELESS.


Hi Rod, been a minute...I saw this a couple of days ago and was speechless.

So CAJIVA&Gurlene, isn't that kind of talk for sites like Queerty and the likes? How many Africans do you guys know?


That is some poem, alicia.


@Shabaka. I wonder what else has the Nation of Islam taught you to think. I feel sorry for black gay men like you. Regardless of what injustice happens to ANY OF US in the community queens like you find a way to defend the perpetrators indirectly by diverting attention from them and back at the ones who called them out on it. Jessie and Al have plenty of clones it seems.

It seems your intentions were to shout out at Rod more than comment on the article. Try using the Contact Us link in the future when you clearly have nothing to say about the topic featured.

What else but a self hating queen would use a chance to speak out against BLATANT injustice against a fellow black gay person to twist my comment into a black/white issue for the ignorant.

Your critique of our comments belong more on the site of the hypocrite who preached against the white porn producer while at the same time had a monthly renewing membership on the same site he preached against.

Come back with some common sense and insight. No doubt this will be the last comment we ever hear from you based on that.

I Refuse to be Conventional

Truly, words fail me!

Derrick from Philly


SHABAKA doesn't have anything to do with the Nation of Islam or any black nationalist foolishness. He is a African Gay man. He responded to hateful comments about Africans. What are millions of African Gays to do when they hear people insult NOT just homophobic Africans but Africans in general?


Jesus doesn't have anything to do with homophobic liars who call themselves "Christians". Maybe that's why Jesus never condemned homosexuals. Maybe he knew that homos couldn't help what they are.

Yes, stories like this are painful and maybe even embarrassing, but can't we criticize the homophobes without criticizing the whole nationality/race/ethnic group of the homophobe?

Do Bishop Tutu or Neslon Mandela fall under these demeaning descriptions of African people? No. There are SOME mean ignorant niggaz and SOME mean ignorant crackas in this world...and some other kinda' fools too.



I have no patience with bigots and that includes bigoted gays and lesbians, like yourself. I'm African myself and just for the record,an atheist. I've commented here before however yours and CAJIVA's comments caught my attention due to your obvious biases. So there. If you want to know what I have to say about this travesty in Senegal or elsewhere, articles on my blog speak for themselves. So stop the hate.

Thanks Derrick for clearing things up for me.



@shabaka & Derrick. How does this sound?

Since the article is about a dead gay man who was dug up by thugs hiding behind a religion that allows them to vent their frustrations out on an large and obvious silent minority within their lands and not our unasked for opinions why don't the three of us declare victory and have a nice day.

Kevin Perez


My post mentioned nothing about ethnicity, nationality or any paticular ethnic group. Try again. It mentioned how I didn't care for two paticular religions and the apologists who can't think of anything new to say but "We're not all like that!" or how said group of people are not "true Christians" something I detest. I don't care for Christianity, Islam or your blood thristy Jesus Christ, be he White or Black, like many obsess over or whether or not the the Bible or Christianity came from Africa or how it was "robbed" by White people to be used against the Black man. The other things I hate about the Christian religion. And honestly, don't get me started on Islam. Born in a region where the majority of the people Roman Catholic, Latin America, I also tire of hearing the same BS on daily basis. No one can ever discuss their disdain for a religion without apologists giving us "moral" lectures and simply not taking consideration some of US, LGBT of color, with fare better with out that, I repeat, religious BS. I've noticed LGBT of color seem to shove down "Lord Jesus" don't the throats of people who've been hurt by this sh*tty religion. Why is never consideration for people who want to forget about religion all together. What about atheists? Buddists? Hindus? Spirtualists?

I never recall anybody talking about those other religions here. So again, the notion. What proof you have that Jesus didn't condomen homosexuals? What about the verses that are used against us that can't be "debunked". Nobody would ever take LGBT people who say Jeebus didn't condemn homos because the always find scripitures that do.

How long will I have to listen to apologists and these Christians and Muslims claim they're not all "like that" as the only thing to say when BS like this comes up on a daily basis. Personally, those peole are just as bad as the religious right. There always quiet about homophobia because some us are outraged by religious bigotry, it's their main priority to lecture us about not making "generlizations".

I think conversion is the best thing for me. Religious conversion that is.

Derrick from Philly

"My post mentioned nothing about ethnicity, nationality or any paticular ethnic group. Try again"

Sorry, only the part of my posting dealing with Christianity was in response to your feelings about Jesus. Although, I do believe when we discussed Proposition 8 a while back on this blog, we did deal with issues such as, "is there more black homophobia than white homophobia?" and "is white gay criticism of black people (due to black homophobia) justified? Hence, my feelings about singling out a race/ethnicity/nationality for special condemnation.

"What proof you have that Jesus didn't condemn homosexuals?"

Because in sermons condemning adultery and fornication, Jesus had the perfect opportunity to condemn homosexuality, but he didn't...many believe he consciously chose not to.

Yes, Christianity has been used to commit horror on this Earth, but it's also been used to free people, and give them human rights. Dr King used Christian faith to encourage Black Americans to risk their lives to fight evil. Religion can be useful, Kevin.

And with all the bad press given to Islam today, it was Islam that brought Europeans out of the dark ages and paved the way for their Renaissance (Spain & Portugal thrived under Islamic rule while the rest of Europe was under bondage to The Church--yes, that good ol' Christian Roman Catholic Church).

I'm not going to disrespect the great religions of the world and those that follow them just because some have corrupted those religions to commit evil.

Coretta Scott King went up against many black folks who call themselves Christians when she stood up for gay people's civil rights. And Coretta Scott King was a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus musta' had an influence on her...I'd say.

Kevin Perez


Islam openly condemns homosexuals and look at the way women are treated and the fact you can kill someonebody if you feel you've been wronged and dishonored? Victims of rape are anatognized for no longer being pure? What do you have to say about that? Or the Christians that feel persecuted because whenver LGBT people in general or people like me don't wan't to take their BS about "choice", "lifestyle" and linking us to most lowest common domintaor, as well as their own sick, twisted views what gays are/behave/are like, they accuse us of intolerance because we refuse to be scapegoated and dehumanized further.

Many Christians are like that. And what about those bigots that talk about their gay friends and family they allegedly love, respect and "pray for" but can't support their alleged "lifestyle" some how leads to implication we're all sex starved deviants, child molestors and the worst thing imaginable and ignoring that being a heterosexual has never been a virtue to being a good Christan?

I don't need to respect any's sh*t hole religions if they're going to use it justify their malice, hatered and bigotry disguised as "just following my beliefs" or being "entitled to my beliefs". I will never respect religions were people look for a boogeyman and demonize to the point they feel it's their "right" to be the judge of me and whatever violence and malicious acts commited toward me is a "punishment from God" or that I had it coming.

And even worse, that I brought it upon myself. What do you have to say about that? Easy for Christians and religious affiliated people to demand we not make generalizations about them but historically have been doing this to people of same-sex attractions. Can't have it both ways, huh?

Derrick from Philly

LOL...laughing but not in disrespect to you, KEVIN, because EVERYTHING you said was true.

But like I said (and you dismissed), NOT ALL Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews are hateful bigots. Some are fierce supporters of human rights--even gay people's civil rights!

Well, Islam? Hey, just by refusing to condemn gay people, a Muslim is a friend....and just by being gay and Muslim around other Muslims, well, that is beyond a brave thing.

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