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29 May 2009





wow. some of you sound like walking encyclopedias on porn, who is on what site and who did what scene.

too bad the posts on gay rights and hiv don't get as much attention.

but carry on!


oh god. he lost mad points the minute he opened his mouth. call me hopeless but i like my dudes who can hold a convo.

Carter G

@ Blkbandit:

Normally I agree with most of your comments but we have to disagree here. I'm very curious as to your reasons why you think he can't hold a convo. Tyson Kobie is not speaking ebonics and sounds quite articulate.

I can see if someone says Tyson is not their cup of tea. But I'm baffled by the several commenters who find fault with his diction.



thanks. i hope to see him do something more then just solos pretty soon. if you see him on anything else please share lol =]


this guy is ty from fratmen. He did jerkoff videos there


Sorry, I'm somewhat obsessed, I really need another hobby, still working on that:) you're right, not enough on the topics you mentioned, but Ty is the topic of discussion right now.

You haven't seen enough of his videos it appears. Ty is very verbal in most of the shoots/webcam shows that he's done and it's hard to shut him up!!


Yes Jamari Fox, where is the video? You have to share please.

Steve Collins

I understand Tyson is an adult ent. He's an escort as well

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