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29 May 2009



Just fine. Fine, fine, fine.

Now how do I go back to work after this?

Face and Waist

how cute.
a pocket muscle gay!



That's what a friend of mine calls OBVIOUS GOD. That's a beautiful brother indeed.


@ Face and Waist:

Jealous much? We see this man truly has FACE AND WAIST! And azz! And dick! And then some.

Don't hate, congratulate! This is a beautiful man and I ain't mad at all.

Chitown Kev


Oooooooh, my virgin eyes at your language, lol.

After just looking at this photo spread, though, I can't even get away with any claims of virginity.

Da*n, and I work in an open office!

He can work out on me...I mean work me out...I mean, y'all know what I mean!

Ten in My Timbz

awwww. rod has a crush, rod has a crush, lol.

you'd better get on that man, 'cuz i am sure many of us want to. i know i do.

Shane Moseley


I'd hit that.


Wow, sexxyyyy and only 19. Impressive. He doesn't seem too bright tho...oh well!

Distant Lover

In the words of the late Florida Evans...
"Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!"
Tyson will make this ho come out of retirement.
I will get to train me, so I can train him!!!!


See, and I thought this was about his nude j/o video on dawgpoundusa LOL. I really hope he makes the jump to being an action star.

Alton C

Oh my Lawd! Breathless here in Boston. Just figured out why i kept my myspace account!



Dallas Cowboy

Rod, I might disagree with you on some things here and there but never ... let me repeat:: NEVER ... when it comes to men.

Tyson (or Shaun) is the definition of phine.

Will we get a chance to see him in action? Please say yes ...

Shane Moseley

i want to stick my thing in him

there. i said it!


He is fine and I think he speaks well. What a suprise in a porn actor.



Where do I begin? He's getting better with every post! Posts like this make me want to do naughty things this weekend with men I should not mess with.


LOL@Shane Moseley... ditto

Jamari Fox

I have a video where he is having sex with some black chick from hiddenlatincams.com

He has a good stroke.


typical meat-head..... SMH lol


@ "Luxury"...
What is a "typical meat head"?

I'm watching and listening to his YouTubes and he doesn't sound typical at all. He's extremely articulate and talks very "proper". Tyson Kobie is a porn star, but he sounds like any other young black man raised in suburbs or that went to school in a mostly all white environment.

Many gay men project their own insecurities when it comes to muscular men and especially porn stars. You sound very jealous. And with a screen name like "Luxury", I am sure you are in a muumuu and a good 30 pounds overweight. Minimum.

Jamari Fox



Awesome everything.


does he have a actual sex video out yet???


Sorry, I just think he's adorable.


Supposedly, he's scheduled to have a "servicing" session (gay blowjob) on chaosmen (yeah it's a white site. This guy is freaking everywhere!!) While he was in the fratpad, he was rumored to have had a handjob from one of the other models, but I'm not sure if it was recorded or not, and it has yet to be seen if it was.
In a shoot he did for clubdean, he said he has had a blowjob from a guy and it was on cam, but I have no clue where to get it. It may have been from fratpad, but I really don't know. He's been on so many sites under different names it's becoming hard to keep up ;)

I'd LOVE to see the straight video that Jamari Fox is talking about!!! ^_^

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