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13 May 2009



Yeah the separate bedrooms is for both them to have there real love of their life or hook-up over for bedtime sex.

I will admit what they do is none of any one's business.

Just sad that actors/actresses can't be gay and sucessful box office/telelvision stars in this country.

I think the industry could change they way consumers/viewers see gays as fem-queen-flaming-weak if they portrayed us in other light... masculine-intelligent-strong. But anyway...


What they do behide close doors is none of our business.

I heard from a few people that Jada use to hang around a lot of lesbian hang-outs back in the day.

Aaron Parker

>>>So, you might be in one bedroom and I might be in another, but we’re gonna be under the same roof and we’re gonna be married

Some "marriage"!

Yep, that's what folks have been saying all along! She gets her swerve on and so does he!


Honey, puhleeez. This is OLD news. But thank you Jada for FINALLY admitting you and Will are married in NAME only.

Will has his jump off spot and so does Jada. And it ain't for no hetero hookups either, thats real talk!


I just don't see any proof of Will liking men. maybe transexuals but not men.

Derrick from Philly

I like both of them. Of course, I like Will for sentimental reasons (Philly connection). But Jada? I'm not sure...maybe it's because she's so sexy 'cause she's so butch, and I like 'em kinda' rugged...always have. I could just see her with boxing gloves on--wearing a huge strap-on...hot!

Latifa could have me begging and pleading for more.


My only concern is whether or not they "gay bash" or say negative and derogatory comments about homosexuality. If they don't, then there business is their business. I only have a problem when people go out of their way to be nasty about and towards gay people. Otherwise, have fun and enjoy.

S. Flemming

I have always found her to be so annoying!


I really must be old and out of the loop, I have never thought of Will, who I just adore, as gay, or bi, Jada on the other hand the gaydar went off on her years ago.

But, what they do in private is their business and they can get as freaky as they can think about how to, as long as they aren't out bashing the children, if they do, all bets are off.


Ravenback, you said it exactly right.

Let's leave Will and Jada alone. Live and let live. They are not hateful or gaybashers. They are just livin' the good life. Let's go after Gov. Crist and the hypocritical ministers, and others who are tip-toeing around at night, but preach hate toward gays in the day.


I don't really care, what the marriage status of Will and Jada and what their relationship is like. They claim that they are together, happy and making their marriage work, all the more blessings for them. Why should I care?

Tommy Ross

@ Lukas:

"Why should I care?"

No one said "you" had to "care". But the rumors made the cover of Ebony, and Jada is speaking on them, so obviously quite a few people are talking about them.

What is it with this blog...everyone becomes sanctimonious and don't ask, don't tell about black celebrities. It's a blog kiddies, laugh and gossip sometimes. And truly, Jada denying she and/or Will is bisexual (or 'gay' as she always sez) is a big ole laugh.

Baltimore Femme

Jada Pinkett Smith not gay or bisexual? That would be HUGE news to everyone who knew her back in the day in B'more. Yeah you went Hollywood but we all know the tea Miss Jada. Or should I say MR JADA?

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