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14 May 2009



Wow. Just wow.
And here we go again...


Rod thank you so much! This perverted down low band director is all over the news down here in Alabama. And my bet is that the student is gay and they had a jump off, that is why family was reluctant to go to trial.

I think Whitehead has resigned or is resigning from his church post though.

Shameful on so many levels. So many people hurt here.


Is it just me or is this big deal out of nothing? Student was 17yo its not like he was 12 or 13years people...At 17 most of these kids nowadays are aggressive sexually. I would not be surprised if student lured the teacher nahmean?


More disgusting news from the hypocrites of the cloth and building fund, and, with a child no less, and, yes 17 is a child under the law although those southern states do things weird when it comes to grown men and kids with sex and look away.

The real proof in the pudding will be if this chump/freak goes to jail like he would if it were a 17 year old girl which he won't since he pled down, guess the church gave him a lawyer, too bad the cover up didn't work.


@ Riley:

It's just you.

Whitehead is the adult and was the teacher. The student is younger and in his care. Teachers are not supposed to have sexual relations with high school students, consensual or not. That's the law.

Georgia Peach

these pastors and church deacons in these homophoboic churches are always the first ways to be discovred on some freaky bs. he has a wife and children, a band director and minister of music and he is hooking up with some student in his car. how mf'ing tacky.

and probably has no problem playing the organ extra loud when the pastors mentions gays and marriage.


What an idiot! Having anal sex in a car near the school you teach? Clearly this fool was struggling within himself and wanted to get caught. God knows what homophobic mess he had to listen to coming from the pulpit everyweek. And like young teenage girls, this poor young man who was seduced, or did the seducing thinks he's hot stuff cause he got the attention of an older man, but doesn't realize that an old guy who wants you and knows how old you are is a LOSER!


Beyond pathetic.
Methinks this man was crying out for attention and possibly wanted to get caught. The risk taking seems almost desperate.
Good luck.


Rod and the legion of black gay men reading....

We must be careful not to scoot all that is ethically wrong and just hurtful in the gay community under amorphous institutions like "the black church". Yes it is homophobic, but come on dudes, there is a lot wrong with this situation outside of its context. Let's equip gay men to fight on their own, AGAINST homophobic institutions like the black church. Waiting for them to be open to us is proving futile. Let's be bold in what we know.

Rod Mc


Please re-read what was written. I didn't blame this on "the black church." I said this is "another tragic example of living in the closet in the homophobic black church."

Patrick Whitehead is married to a woman, I believe he has children and he seeks out sex with 17 year old boys. That's risky, closeted behavior. He is/was also the minister of music in a well known, very influential homophobic black Baptist church. No one chose this life for him but himself. But this type of behavior usually does not happen with "out" gay men in progressive, gay-inclusive Christian ministries.

BTW there are plenty of posts here about religion, homophobia, self-esteem and such. -RM

J Matt

No problem Rod, I'm all about the news. Sad case though. For the boy and Whitehead.

We all can learn a lesson form this one.

J Matt

@ Riley

Actually I understand your point about this being a big deal of nothing, since most teens are so aggressive with their sexual needs. But here's the catch.

He was caught in the act, during the act, by a Birmingham police officer. And from what I heard, the po-pos had evidence of the indecent exposure on tape. There was no way Whitehead would have gotten an easy trial in his favor from a jury.


are you sure that fat band member didn't pay that young trade? i cant imagine f*cking that dude for free


@blkbandit. I'm wonder the same thing. Down there a twenty sounds about right for a half hour.

Does anyone still wonder why, for the most part, Obama has steered clear of that useless black clergy? Keep that good common sense up Barak.

Girl here, along with TJ Jakes' son are perfect examples of why he (Obama) should keep smiling but stay his distances from these glory hallelujah screaming hypocrites and Tavis Smiley and his ignorance as well.


All of you people on here including Rod are missing the larger Truth which I am sure is going is pervasive in that area of the country.

Gays = Pedaphiles = Perversion = All Gays Are The Same.

See how that works?
Nothing to see here.
Just another "gay man" preying on an innocent child.

And those gays want equal rights?
Might as well give bestiality and polygamy protection under the law as well.

Disclaimer: I don't think this guy is disgusting or anything because 17 is kinda old and beyond legal age of consent in my state. However he is/was a teacher and thus has a different set of guidelines to follow. And having sex in a car? Near campus? That's just foolish.

Nope, I'm not "missing" that angle at all. I've written about gay not equating pedophilia many times. But it's a moot point with a 17-year-old who is almost an adult and a likely consensual relationship. The public outcry and media firestorm was more about teachers, accountability and appropriate behavior, because there have been similar, recent heterosexual cases in their school system. I framed the behavior within the context of the closet and church. -RM


He was wrong for messing with the 17 year old but a previous commentor was right...these little boys are F.A.S.T. and built like they are in their 20's. Many of them have already been having sex with men/women since 13/14 years old.

On another note...Rod, any chance of putting up a Star Trek review so I can trash Madea in space? I'm not one to be constantly trashing Tyler but who's bright idea was it to cast her as the head of Starfleet Academy? 1 bad spot in what could have been a perfect movie...as the head of Starfleet, he could've at least *tried* to give off man but no, not Ms. Tyler. I even said "Who put Madea in charge of Starfleet" extremely loud in the theatre without thinking and everyone was rolling.


Why should Rod post here for you to turn this blog into a slugfest? Can't you do your own bashing on your own? There is a certain quality of news that is presented on this blog. Please, I do not want it to sink into the usual gay cattiness. Thanks.


I'm just shocked by the the phrase "homophobic black church" as if all black churches are homophobic. Those who make sweeping statements like this typically don't attend the black church or any other church for that matter. They'd rather sit from a distance and make unilateral statements about the single most important institution to play a pivotal role in the American black experience. Nowhere else in the world have blacks prospered to the extent that we have in America. Our success in the African diaspora is directly linked to the Black American church. Let's save our righteous indignation for something else. The child molester can't attribute his criminal, deprave behavior to any institution or anyone other than himself.

Were those comments in reference to me? They surely cannot be because I'm a member of a fabulous, gay inclusive United Methodist Church and have mentioned that many times on this blog. And yes, the Baptist Church in general and black Baptist Church in particular is rather homophobic. The 16th Street Baptist Church is not a gay friendly congregation. I will say it again: These types of sex crimes usually do not happen in progressive, Christian ministries. They are more likely to happen in a repressed environment. But if you want to call a man in a consensual relationship with a 17 year old student a "child molester" to ignore his being married, in the closet and his leadership role in a church ... okay.

The church in the black community has historically done very good many things. But they have totally dropped the ball on the HIV/AIDS crisis which is decimating our community. That is because many/most of the congregations have a very sad legacy of homophobia. I am shocked and surprised any black gay would come on this blog and say otherwise. There are hundreds of posts here for you to read on the subject. -RM

Cocoa Rican

Any way you look at it - closeted or out - we need to take responsibility for our actions. Having sex with minors is unacceptable and regardless of how fast, sassy, sexy or otherwise, minors are minors. As adults we need to steer clear of the mentality that says the temptation is just too great to resist when the bait is allegedly hot. Let's focus on appropriate sexual outlets - whether gay or straight - with adult partners.

alicia banks

i wonder if he was a gaybasher?
as are most holy DL chicken hawks before they get busted...

see more on these fake christian sinners in my new column on jesus and the bible:



Former COGIC

@ Chris:

You. Need. To. Stop.

Man, you and several others are going out on a limb trying to blame this on Rod. Don't shoot the messenger. But what is this about the black church not being homophobic? You must brand new to this blog because Ray Charles and Helen Keller can see and hear the gaybashing and homophobia from church pews every Sunday morning. From coast to coast, pastor after pastor, church after church. The "black church" might have done some good things BACK IN THE DAY on civil rights but most have ignored and minimized the civil rights of black LGBTs. And let us not even get started on what little has been done after 25 YEARS WITH AIDS. It is the number one killer in our community thanks to silence of these pastors and deacons.

I am talking about the Missionary Baptist Church, the Baptist Church, the AME, the CME, COGIC, Pentecostal Church...all of the black denominations. Most have been quiet as church mice on HIV and that is why it has continued to decimate our community, straight and gay, male and female, but mostly black gay men.

Shame on you and every other black gay sitting in the pews of these gaybashing churches. Any time the church is mentioned and the truth is told you sound like abused wives, "My church doesn't gaybash so much" and "My pastor doesn't really do that." Yeah, right.

I was born and grew up in Church of God in Christ. After 30 years I had to leave for my own sanity and find a nice quiet gay friendly UCC congregation. If you are still at a gaybashing church, that is your problem. Don't try to "school" us who left. And you really shouldn't try to come on the one blog and try to school Rod who reports the good and the bad. If you know someone doing a better job providing news in the black gay community, I'd love to hear the name.

Haha, that was real funny, talking about the black church and the African diaspora. And what have they done lately for black gay men and lesbians? What have they done lately on HIV which is ravaging the entire black diaspora? Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.

Derrick from Philly

Silly "down low" fool. He shoulda' let the 17 year old "top".

Did I say "down low"? Maybe a wannabe "down low"...probably one them big ol' hypocritical church queens-- always wearing a lot of gawdy jewelry and never enough antiperspirant.

Anthony in Nashville

Scandalous stories like this do not surprise me anymore.

As to debating whether the black church is homophobic or not, I say it's like being gay in the military. You can thrive there as long as you play the role or don't "put it in their face."

That was the point a guest on NPR was making in a thread I commented on from earlier this week. The church will accept you as long as you're in the closet. There may be churches where openly gay people are welcomed but they are exceptions to the rule.

It's true that young ones these days are hot and heavy for sex, but adults are supposed to be able to use common sense and/or self-control to wait until they are grown.

Former COGIC

@ Anthony:

You're talking about the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" about gays in the black church. Yeah. Okay. We've talked about that many time.

Not particularly a life I want to lead, being "privileged" to belong to this or that choir and have to listen to the pastor rant against gays. Everyone talks about his behind our back but takes our money. No sir, not for me. You want my money, I want to feel welcome. "Allowing" me to sing in your church does not mean I should just suck up the homophobia as long as I don't "flaunt" it.

There ARE many churches that celebrate and welcome gays and they are NOT "exceptions to the rule." You have to look. And many black churches do. It seems many of you brothers (no offense) in the south just haven't got there yet. If you don't want a primarily white gay friendly church like Episcopal or Methodist, there are many BLACK LGBT friendly churches. Such as Unity Fellowship, or even MCC. But there are some Baptist ones too. I'm sure you can find them but one issue I have seen is that many black gay men who go to church DON'T want to be associated with a gay friendly church. They would rather f,lame in the choir of a traditional black church or gay bashing church.

Color me unimpressed.


Nope. Nope. Nope. I have been in the traditional black church for all of my 42 years and have not experienced any concerted effort to by the church to marginalized and ignore me. I have been an usher at a prominent black church in Harlem and have held leadership position on this usher board. Most of the men on this board are fairly uneducated, married, and from 60 to 90 years old. They all know that a few other brothers and I are gay; yet we worship with them side-by-side. Often, as a relatively young bachelor who lives alone, most Sundays, their wives invite me into their homes for dinner.

I don't want to be a part of a "progressive" church where my sexuality is at the forefront. This might be good for some, but not good for me. I realize that my experience with the black church is not the same as others, but I am annoyed by those who paint the black church as a monolithic homophobic institution.

@Rod. This is a great site. It has got everything I like: fashion, sports, politics, hot bodies, and gay movement issues. Keep up the good work. I'm sure that you are not bothered by the fact that I have an opinion that is different or even antithetical to yours.

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