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18 May 2009


Former COGIC

Ruben Diaz is shameless with his hatred and so very much like most of the clergy and elders of the Pentecostal and COGIC. They are obsessed with gays and sexuality and demand conformity to a Bible that says women and daughters can be sold into slavery.

Come out and join the 21st century reverend!


Considering how 15 million people live in the tri-state area (ny,nj,ct) that was no large turnout.

I think this 'rally' proves the well known fact that more people are in nightclubs on any given Fri or Sat night than there are in the pews of the catholic church on any given Sunday, including easter sunday, in the tri-state area.

20,000 people at best huh? Maybe interest is beginning to wane on both sides of this issue. That wasn't exactly a million man march size crowd those black preachers and Marion Barry drew either in DC not too long ago.

If you compare crowd size the people who organize FOR marriage equality are not exactly drawing them out of the bars either.

Nathan James

Se. Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx) is going to be the very devil (no pun intended) to beat in the ongoing gay marriage debate. I attended the PRO-gay marriage rally a few short blocks from Sen. Diaz' orgy of hatred. Gov. Patterson and Mayor Bloomberg both spoke in support of gay marriage, as did City Speaker Christine Quinn (D-Chelsea), and Sen. Thomas Duane (D-Chelsea). There were at lease as many supporters of gay marriage as Sen. Diaz had opponents. Diaz' message of "socially acceptable hatred" was effectively countered by tens of thousands speaking out for love.

I wish more gays and lesbians of color would have been at the rally. All the wonderful diversity suggested in the colors of the rainbow flag needs to be more in evidence, because when our elected officials go to vote on gay marriage this summer, they need to see across-the-board support for it from their constituency.

Our society will not be remembered as much for the rights it grants people, but rather, for the rights it denies people. The LGBT community is well on its way to making history in New York, but there is still much more to be done. It should be a high priority for everyone who reads Rod's site and lives in New York to add their voice in support of gay marriage in the coming weeks. It can't be the bare minimum of SGL men and women of color showing up at these events. We ALL need to be there, alongside the rest of the LGBT community, as much as possible.


I am so intrigued (I use that statement a lot I've noticed, but I think it tempers me from starting off...pissed!) by the fact that so many Churchmongers, my new name for religious zealots who don't want to deal with the fact that nothing about the church should make you INNATELY HATEFUL, who spew ugliness in the name of the Lord, but can't take the perception of that hatefulness. HOMOPHOBIC, FUNDAMENTALIST, RADICAL, all of these are the signs of a stale ministry that doesn't want to have to deal with people in the current day.

The conflict with this goes all the way back to the Bible with leaders who didn't want to hear of Jesus' dealings with people whom they believed unworthy of God's love, God's grace or God's mercy.

This is ENOUGH! So many churches stand on the fire and brimstone of the Word of God and FORGET, blindly, the journey of Jesus!

WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?! That is a real question. That is a real true Biblical journey. Jesus, I believe, would be in the crowd, standing against any and all forms of hatred. That's what I believe!

I continue to be floored by those who don't want to recall a country that was equally as hateful about interracial marriage and even marriage among Blacks themselves. Just because there were no cameras and Youtube clips doesn't mean that the country wasn't in the same ugly upheaval. We have been here before. We have endured this level of hatefulness before, all in the name of Love VS. The Bible!

I Trust God and I stand at the frontline of this "fight." The idea that someone would dare tell someone else who and how to love is hateful to me, but the truest ugliness in this journey is that WE BELIEVE IT! As a Black Gay Man, I am clear about the history of hate and am no more prepared to sit still and take it than I am to play stupid like I don't know we've been here before.

We've fought this fight when "we" as a country decreed that mixing the races was against the Bible and that's why God separated us in the first place.

We've fought this fight when "we" as a country declared that Blacks couldn't marry because we were property and slaves were indentured to their masters, and were commanded, by the Word of the Lord, to be "good slaves and leave their families to serve a good master."

We've fought this fight when "we" as a country declared that women couldn't serve in various posts, including the church, and according to the Bible, should cover their heads and be silent in the presence of Men of God.

We've fought this fight and we continue to fight it when the Gay and Lesbian community goes toe-to-toe when they list who we are among the "actions of doing" (smoking, whoremongering, drinking, et al.) instead of our rightful place "people who are"...I don't DO gay, I am Gay. As long as we shake and tremble under the word "abomination," which really means SOMETHING TO BE HATED (nothing innately religious about it, but we've made it such) and listen as they talk about the DOING of us and some of our actions, just like anyone else's in any other community, are indeed unloving and self-destructive. But that's where the part of those among YOU without sin cast the FIRST STONE comes in and I trust God to speak in this matter. I trust Love to stand up in this matter.

It's so flooring to me to watch pastors/preachers pimp issues from the pulpit, as though they have the right to speak on these matters more than anyone else! I have a big mouth too and I intend to use it until Justice prevails. It's clear to me, as I watch Miss California pimp this issue for show appearances and commercials and, most importantly, PAID SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS, that this issue is a money-maker for lots of people! That's sad. That's hateful. That's self-serving. THAT IS NOT OF GOD!

Nathan James

More evil has been done in God's name than the Devil ever dreamed of.

Sen. Diaz presides over a church upon whose gates are written the words, "all are welcome". I think he needs to revise that statement...

alicia banks

hatred en masse

those against gay marriage are "holy" fools who fear gay divorce rates will be far less than hets'...

i wonder how many in this crowd are divorced/adulterers/owe child support/alimony etc???...


Kevin Perez

Blacks and Latinos are the bottom of the social ladder to begin with in the first place. Who the hell are they look down on anyone? Do these rejects consider the existence of LGBT Blacks and Latinos in the first place? Morals my culo! Look at all the sin done by self-intified heteros or straights when they have sex. Look at their morals.

Funny, the Spanish (our ancestors) used the bible to justify the slaughter of Native Americans of South and Central America, as well as the Spanish speaking Carribian. They were also some of the worst perpetrators of the Atlantic slave trade. Funny how these two groups who decry discrimination are doing so without consideration of someone they might know or maybe even family. And how they manage to use and support an institution that pretty much was used to justify discriminatory pratices against them

Disgusting this is. They're all going to Hell anyways.


Gay marriage is against God? Well, so are bad hairdos and clothes.

The hate these people have is disgusting, and, on judgment day they will answer for it, along with bad taste.


I don't know about you all, but I get such a motivating kick out of this anti-gay foolery. It makes me go harder and keeps me focused.


personally im kinda annoyed that i missed this rally...i would have loved to be there xD i gotta catch the next one they organize

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