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31 May 2009


Carter G

Gibbons is such a tool. Trying to "protect marriage" while he is being divorced by his wife for all of his many affairs. Hypocrite!


I've always liked the casino industry.

Kevin Perez

LMAO at morals and values in a place like Las Vegas. Heteros just can't look at their own BS!

Honut SInti

Turning.....revolution nearly complete....

Sean Beasley

we needed a good "win" after last week's devastating loss.

next week: new hampshire passes it's marriage bill (again) and the governor promises to sign.

and who says you shouldn't keep pushing or lobbying for rights just because _______ (insert politician here) says it's not the right time?


@ Sean:

That's a good point. We had a great string of victories and then that awful decision in California.

Losing one battle doesn't mean you lose the war. Onward ...


And yes, you are right. Politicians ... governors, legislators, congressmen, even the president ... don't set the priorities for our community. We set the agenda and priorities for our own community.

This is great news for Nevada and congratulations to Nevadans, gay and straight. And thanks to those Republicans who switched.


riiiight.. you can get a whore in nevada but it's a struggle to get domestic partnership. people are a mess. good for the legislators who overrode the veto.


Miss Jan Jones is fierce and a well known friend to the gays here in Las Vegas. Thanks Jan!

make sure you visit Harrahs or the MGM Grand. They offer partnership benefits to gay employees.


Take THAT you evil Republican douche Gibbons!


These Rethugfooligans are really PERFORMING ARTS!

My goodness!


The gays are taking names and fighting back.

Another overide of a veto! Love it!


the most heartening thing is seeing those one or two republicans who changed their minds. we gotta take the good news where we can.

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