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29 May 2009


Baltimore Femme



That city probably has the highest concentration of confirmed bottoms per square mile than anywhere else. But that is the south in general. I had to move!


that is probably right, lots of vers men and tops in new york. but i have no idea who they surveyed for atlanta and dc. those cities are very bottom-heavy, at least for black gay men


From my exeriences in DC those percentages seem about right. There are plenty of c*nt bottoms walking around but you kinda hafta search for the tops but they're plenty of them out and about in the dc area.




No, no, no. New York might be about half and half or leaning more top vers. DC and ATL? hell to the naw!


I don't think Craigslist is a very scientific source for this kind of information.

Please write your Congressman to have this question put on the upcoming census survey.


naw not buying this ....DC is bottom central! I believe Miami tho.


Having lived in Miami, and DC right now, my skills as a top were/ are in demand in both cities.


I knew I loved NY for some reason besides the big city life!

Dallas has become alot like Houston, gotta go where the men are!


NYC=Yes, tops galore

ATL and DC=FAIL. Bottoms everywhere!

Derrick from Philly

Oh, plenty men will "top"...it depends on how pretty the bottom is.

LOL@Baltimore Femme,

Lordy, chile, you said, "goodbye to Dixie 'cause they aint given up enough "dixie"!"

Lord, have mercy LOL!


Wow. Really? Lol, I just had to laugh. The things they do polls on.-QH

Anthony in Nashville

We know you can't depend on Craiglist/A4A/etc for accuracy, but I'm tripping of these comments.

I've noticed a lot of discussion over the last 6 months or so on top/bottom issues in the black gay community. A lot of people think the number of bottoms has grown over the last five years. I recall it being a very hot issue when the "Single Ladies" video and all the tributes came out. Folks were like "all the children are femme bottoms now!"

Unless there's a study on the historic ratio of top/bottoms I have not heard about, I don't know how anyone can make such a statement.


I've lived in this city off and on for 15 years and I'm here to tell you that among the majority of self-aware/out gay children and, conversely, the married DL children, it's bottom central. But among the truly bisexual and the fence sitters (those who fck and spectate gay community, but don't feel they're "a part of" the gay community) there are tops and vers/tops to be had.


I don't know about one city having more bottoms or not. But what I have noticed is that alot of younger guys 18-24 in my age group tend to be more fem. I don't know what it is but they think its cool to act like woman. I'm not judging but that's what I've been seeing. Also as far as the cities with the most Tops/Bottoms I don't know about that either but will say that in the South it seems that bottoms are everywhere. In northern cities I feel men are much more masculine.


i would say the ratio of bottoms to tops is at least 2 or 3 to 1, possibly more when you go down south.


So True About Miami!!!! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only REAL TOP here!!! Even some tops wanna bottom SMH" It's bottoms everywhere here" LOL too bad they all femminine cause I only like masculine bottom men so I'm lonely alot LOL.


I think that people who only exist through their positions and how those positions are executed (masculine/femme) may want to wake up.

I'm only 24, but I've learned to have an open mind when dating, while still having my likes & dislikes. It is all about havng your likes, but learning to bend.-QH

Jamari Fox

This is as a bottom, I love NY. There are so many tops, dl tops, discreet tops, and so on and so forth. Alot of them tend to be masculine.

ATL is queen central. I do not know why a bottom would move down south because they will be in for a huge disappointment.


The way I see it, one of the benefits of being gay is having extra options in the bedroom. Versatility ftw!


Well, since half the men posting on Craigslist for sex with men are married, and, most married men are always bottoms, it may be more scientific than some think!


@ Jamari Fox... u ain't never lied.

I know so many who were bottoms that moved to ATL from MIA, LA and the north (OH,MI, etc.) and find nothing but fem-queenie acting buffed guys. Even there voice sounds like a woman.

I don't think CL is a very good way to answer btm/top percentage in each city, but it is interesting though.

Since, I'm a top... I'm not complaining, cause tops are in demand everywhere. Being a top was my calling! LOL!

The Lovehater

This is about as accurate as the numbers reported of blacks voting for prop 8.


WTF? This is one of the most retarded studies I've seen conducted ever, and yeah I work with statistic regularly. There is no one way for any one going to 'measure' which city is a better locale for 'tops' or 'bottoms'. Most people who engage in M2M sexual activity doesn't report anything because they are either 'need to kno' basis or just closeted.

Cute, but this "study" is more comical than statistical.


@ Kayman:

It's a SURVEY not a STUDY of Craigslist and was conducted by a PORN site. I think almost everyone reading realized it was not supposed to be a scientific study. You did READ the original link, right?

This obviously wasn't a "study" conducted by the CDC or National Institutes of Health, but god bless you for bringing your vast statistical knowledge to this blog. Bless your heart, child.

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