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26 May 2009




This is a magnanimous moment in history!

I am prouder today than yesterday to be an American citizen at this point and time in history.

This should be a pretty "easy" walk, in that the Republicans aren't about to be stupid and mess with this solid voting block!


Nathan James

The Republicans are already fuming that President Obama might use a recess appointment for Sotomayor to get around a possible filibuster.

I don't believe the Republicans will try that, however, as it would open the door for some pretty severe payback from the Democrats...

Today is a proud moment for American jurisprudence...Congratulations, Judge Sotomayor!


The only thing that makes me sit up and take notice of her are her views on the second amendment. I do not buy that b/s about too many people are being killed. They are being killed by criminals who could care less about gun laws.

Her nomination will sail through. She was appointed by Bush 1 and many of the same people who did not block her then are still in powere (the repubs).

I wish her luck and hope she does not disappoint us. Though that statement rings hollow now after I said the same thing back in the early 90's more or less regarding Clarence (Antonin Scalia's rubber stamp) Thomas' appointment.


A president's appointment to the Supreme Court is, in all likelihood, the single most important thing he can do.

Sotomayor's credentials are impeccable and what's equally compelling is her family's personal story that begins in the housing projects of the South Bronx.

I'm a bit concerned that she is centrist, but if her stated judicial philosophy (paraphrasing here: integration of real-word, day-to-day perspective in judicial decision-making) bears true in her actual SCOTUS decisions, I think the poor, weak and all of us will be well served while she is on the bench.


Great pictures! I sure hope he stands behind her as the smear machine has already started, and, the GOP is going to pick a fight at their peril, as they are 'courting' Hispanics as they have written off the black vote, and, if they go over board in attacking this woman who is more qualified than anyone on the bench now, it will backfire, big time.


Long overdue for us to have someone in this branch of government representing the largest minority group in the US. The fact that she is a woman is an added (and needed) bonus. Too bad Obama felt that he could not nominate someone more liberal to balance out the court, like Pamela Karlan. Still, this is great news.



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