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28 May 2009





tell you what. i'd like to stuff the sun choked rosemary mashed potatoes down the throat of some of those hollywood queens laughing.

oh and haha president obama.
haha, you got one at our expense. i donated 800 to your campaign last year. you're not getting a dime from me again. not one dime.


ok. lol. i'm not making friends lately but sometimes that happens. it's been a little over 100 days. the man has an approval rating still in the mid 60s. you don't get that type of rating by not keep any promises.

in all seriousness, with the exception of dadt, which is a bear and literally ruined clinton's first term, will some one tell me specifically what promises were made to the gay community? help me out here. please try to answer the question without attacking me personally or making snide, condescending remarks.

Aaron Parker

Actions speak louder than words. But the president's inaction and his flippant words speak VOLUMES.

Samuel I

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing you in response to your comments made at The Beverly Hilton fund raiser.

You joked about protesters outside saying of the signs, "One of them said, 'Obama keep your promise,' I thought that's fair. I don't know which promise he was talking about." The audience then reportedly laughed in response.

Mr. President, I am horrified.
I voted for you and donated money. I volunteered for you. I went on blogs defending you. I cannot say that I will not vote for you again as that would be unrealistic given the likely alternative options I will face, but I am very disappointed that you would make the ending of the armed forces' unjust policy on gays and lesbians serving openly into a joke.

These men and women have served the country with honor. They have given their lives for America and all she promises. How dare you reduce their sacrifice to a joke over "grilled organic chicken and sun choke rosemary mashed potatoes."

Greg G

Freeleo, I normally appreciate your comments. You have a very fine wit and seem to have knowledge on many things, from fashion to politics to history. But your comments and blind adoration of Obama are somewhat insulting.

Yesterday, you harrangued several people who only said they wanted some acknowledgment from Obama or a progress report. Then you said the president would act/speak on our issues in "his time."

It's very clear you don't want to have serious conversations about accountability, movements, rights and organizing. If you don't care, just move along. But please stop trying to dominate every conversation about Obama and arguing with every other person's point.

Carter G

My grandma always said, "Believe people when they tell you who they are."


I'm not sure what "promises" we are talking about either.

I'll wait longer than 6 months to make a final judgment as to Obama's record on gay rights. I'll even give him a full 4 years, even though I don't think he has the power to do much for the gay community. Only a mass, multi-racial gay movement from state-to-state will make a difference.

Of course, unlike most people who voted for Obama, I never expected him to bring any profound changes to American domestic or foreign policy, other than the profound change and victory his blackness represents for the civil rights movement.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain certainly wouldn't have done any better, in part because real social change is no longer possible within our capitalist, majoritarian system.


OH GOD! i thought i was completely alone. THANKS JOSEPH! i feel exactly the same way.


John McCain and/or Hillary Clinton have nothing to do with this and stop mentioning them.

It was about Obama's promises.
But since you don't know his campaign promises or his lack of action to the LGBT community, maybe you should read up? Or step out of the conversation?


@ freeleo/"joseph"

i think you are alone. but i wouldn't be surprised if there are two black gay men on this blog who want to excuse everything Obama says/does and criticize anyone who wants to think independently.

Andrew Holleran

Thank you Joseph! for admitting you people (yes you black people) will excuse Obama's inadequacies because of "his blackness"!

That is what its all boils down to. I have said that many times and some of you people had nerve to pretend Obama's "blackness" (or half blackness)had nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with it. You give him a pass on everything.

Unless you would excuse/rationalize/defend a white president who laughed at gay rights protesters????


People need to relax, he has bigger issues right now than just us gay people. I'm sorry but that's just the way it works, look what he's trying to do now, fix the economy, get healthcare passed and do something about Iraq and Afghanistan. If he decided to bring up gays in the military right now it would be a huge problem and it can't be something we expect to be his top priority. Their are other issues that effect everyone directly that he has to handle first before he can get to the ones that are more focused on smaller groups of people. I have no doubt this will happen eventually but I guess I'm just willing to be more realistic and patient than some others are.


I'm still waiting for any one to tell me the promises that obama made to the lgbt community. seriously.


Jinca, Freeleo, Joseph, etc...

No one said Mr. Obama had to "fix" these issues right away or fast track and end to DADT or DOMA (which probably isn't happening anyway....) Many of us want a simple progress update or someone to say, "We will get to it ASAP."

Oh and joking about the demonstrators really isn't funny. I don't think his cheerleading squad sees that, but people who fight for these issues every day really are not pleased.


I agree, Harper. He should not have made a joke about it. That wasn't funny and I'm just as annoyed as everyone else at his lack of sensitivity.

Chris Cruz

As an honorably discharged veteran (USAF), I'm actually more than a little insulted. I'm very insulted. There are honorable men and women in that crowd, who laid their lives on the line for this country. Obama's staff knows damn well who was out there. If the president didn't know (and there is no guarantee staff told him) he is living in a bubble. But to have their cause....OUR CAUSE....trivialized to a mere punchline over a 30,000 per plate dinner is arrogance personified.

And don't even let me get started on some of the apologists in this thread. If you "don't know" what promises were made, I'd suggest going to the White House website. But we all know that was recently CHANGED.

How shameful that some of you say the president is "busy" fighting two wars, but want to ignore the very people who volunteered to help fight those wars. They were in that demonstration. You should give them their respect, thank them for their service or say nothing. But to trivialize their willingness to fight for rights while some of you ask in blogs "What promises"=Shameful.


@ Chris:

I've seen you in those posts many times before and had no idea you were a vet. Thank you for your service.

Bourbon Street

I don't find Obama's flippant comment a slight at all, really. Though I am still very disheartened by his overall silence on these issues. He truly does need to shed his advisers if, indeed, they are the ones steering him towards inactivity.

But in all honesty, I guess the rainbow flags and Prop 8 signs
were not a giveaway to the prez ?

Chitown Kev

1) Is it just me or has Rod's tone become more strident since Obama broke his campaign PROMISE to fund needle exchange programs?

2) This is just seriously fuc*ed up but it's nothing new. (The Special Olympics comment, anyone?)

3) I don't know about "you people" Andrew, I speak for myself.

As far as Freelo is concerned, The President of the United States just turned your life into a punchline at a dinner. It would be one thing if he had done a good godda*n thing or even gave us that progress report but..nothing.

Then again, not every black person participated in the civil rights movement either and more than a few were opposed to Dr. King and tried to undercut him. And that was from within the movement. So why does Freelo's attitude not surprise me at all?


You guys know their were more than just gay protesters out there right? their were armenians and republicans and others so you don't know exactly who he was talking about. I live in southern CA and our local news showed at least 6 different groups protesting.

Also once again the guy has a full plate right now and he's trying to get a lot of good things done, the issue we are all talking about is going to come with some heavy blowback to him politically and with all the other things that HAVE to be done first that benefit everyone he can't afford to let the economy, environment, health care and everything else get side tracked by the obvious attacks that will come from the right over gay marriage (which he always said he was against but not against civil unions, or DADT) I have a lot of faith in this guy and I am more than willing to give him time to get to these issues, he has start off a lot faster than most presidents and I applaud him for that.


This is my two cents...

There were many protesters there. Code Pink was there an they are protesting an immediate end to the war. Sooo...maybe he didn't see the rainbow flags and Prop 8 signs. Fair enough.

But even if we misinterpret the focus of his little joke (and there's little reason to believe that), it was still a joke at the expense of a protesting citizen calling him on campaign promises and it was delivered to a bunch of fatcat elites and he joined in their laughter. Not cool, to say the least.


Was he referring to an Armenian protester or a gay protester? He didn't say which in the speech. I didn't find that portion of the speech particularly upsetting, just his latest ill-advised attempt at being off-the-cuff. Also, having immediate family members deploying within the next two years, I'm much more concerned that he makes sure these wars are being handled properly and deals with DADT when things are a bit more calm.

Carter G

@ Chitown Kev:

I don't find Rod's tone "strident" at all.

I most definitely find Queerty "strident", perhaps Towleroad more often than not, and definitely Pam. But Rod? No. That's probably because marriage equality is not one of his signature issues. Those other blogs are obsessed with marriage (and are overwhelmingly white readers) and have been very hostile.

But I will admit, for the longest he never criticized Obama and now he does occasionally.

M. Mark

I'm going to agree with Chitown here. We've seen this smugness before, I don't think it's a dealbreaker, but it's a known quality.

And to those stating that there were other protests Pres. Obama was referencing, is it still ok to make light of their struggles???

'Cuz that most definitely is a joke. If you have seen the video, you see him smile and everyone laughs. There is something unsettling about a president laughing about protesters to Hollywood millionaires.

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