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26 May 2009


Derrick from Philly

Wonderful news!


Its days like this that the only in America could this happen and bought tears to my eyes, great pick and good luck to her! Common sense and not an agenda, its going to be very, very interesting to see how the GIOP attacks her, especially in light of the fact that she was appointed by a Republican president and will be just what the court needs to counter the inept, unqualified justice he appointed as well!


I hate to be a prick, because I know how much Americans love their patriotism, but "only in America could this happen"?

What, the smear campaign?

Plenty of other countries have had minorities in high positions of authority before, buddy.

But it is, of course, fantastic news. Yay Sonia!

Cevin Fisher

@ Gary:

Of course you are being a prick.

But if you know of any other G7 nation that would elect as president a man who was biracial and father came from Africa, or appoint a supreme court justice who was also a minority and was born in the housing porojects .. please let me know.



I hope Prez Obama doesn't back down on this one. In recent elections, Republicans have been painting themselves as the party for the Latinos. Well, i hope this brings to light who's really down for minorities.


this is wonderful news, i am so happy today

even if we lose the prop 8 ruling today, i am still excited that 'change' is happening

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