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19 May 2009



I always try to catch Olbermann...that man is off the chain!

Thanks, I missed this last night!


Good, Steele makes no sense on anything. The way the GOP is always harping about how much they love and want small business to succeed, you would think that they would realize that marriage, gay or any other one is good for local economies.

But, now Steele is threatening to leave if he does not get control of the purse strings of the GOP, which means a daily joke would be lost!


Steele knows what he is doing. It's not different from what Carl Rowe did for Bush to get him back in White House in 2004.

Use the gays to sitr up the stupid religious people who hate anyone that's not them.

These politicians are suppose to separate church and state.


I love Olbermann and Rachel I catch them both some nights.


ATLboi, I agree, he's taking a page right out Rove's play book, and, rest assured, it will be the only issue the GOP runs on the next two election cycles.


Doesn't this black man realize that economic impact was argued (more accurately!) as a major reason we should keep slavery? And it is as wrong now to put money ahead of humanity as it was then.

Steven Austin

...but I think the point of this is that ultimately Steele is clearly oblivious to how much of a token he REALLY is,

...and more importantly, how much of an Uncle Tom he is for the majority of stuff that he lets the GOP pin on him.

It's sad is what it is...

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