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27 May 2009



OMG! This is freakin hilarious!


i pray grinding never goes out of style, but that awful country grammar.....


He is gay. Any dude shakin and gyrating his hips like that (and dudes aren’t even supposed to have hips) is punkish! NO dude should be doing that! He was looking like the male Ciara!

Shane Moseley

this is too mf'ing silly.

that boy is a tease and we all know it.

gay, maybe not. latently bisexual, absolutely.

oh and the red briefs are oh so corny and very 1980s stripper, lol


He’s def DL for sure…


i'm sorry but that is skinny boy in those briefs is just too funny. he just looks like one of those men that you’d find on those “ebony men on men” porn site.


Oh Rod, why do you always do this?
I am at work and laughed so hard I spilled my coffee on my desk.

This Spectacular is so obviously desperately seeking attention. smh


WOW!!!!! this nigga moves his hips better than a female, its not cute at all, its disturbing lol…..i couldnt help but look at the package lol…


@ Dameion... dudes are suppose to have hips?

The boy is in great shape. Maybe you don't know what working out is. Not everyone has fat hanging off the side of there stomach. They call those "love handles" for out of shape people.

Looks like Ciara....

So, because he has a small frame, he's a woman. If this was the muscular singer Tank shaking his ass, it would be okay? I C.

moving on...

I don't have a problem with the grinding. I'm sure enough have masterbated to it. I would if it had been Tank. I like guys with more meat on them. But Spectacular is satisfying those twink lovers.

Culver PC

Power Twink Thug Bottom. NEXT!


WTF was he doing with his tongue ?

But this is cute, tho. We all see who the competition is now.



FAIL @ ATL ballroom queens


He called out all the niccas he has a crush on and then showed them what he’d do to them!

I ain't mad at ya Spec!

and yes, I think Bow Wow might like some of that!


he wanted bow wow and chris to watch it and challenge him THEN HE ASKS WHY MEN WATCHED IT? wtf


@ ATL "boi"

Spectacular is small framed and tight, but nothing to write home about. As far as Tank is concerned, I know for a fact he likes tall, bigger more masculine trade. Sorry Miss Boi, I don't think you have a chance!


So help me I thought I was about to watch an ad for Cocodorm.com when I hit play. Anyone know if that is where they got their start? He sure looks the type.

This little b*tch has the nerve to pass himself off as a man after showing the world he wears red drawers/panties dancing in a video that he put on youtube? YOUTUBE???

Some people should not make career effecting decisions after hitting a blunt. At least I hope that is the excuse he will wise up and use.

I do love that southern accent. I from the south too and wish all ya'll luck even though I prefer old school.


Who cares I say just enjoy it and move on gay or not it don't matter


LMMFAO @ Power Twink Thug Bottom ...I love US. LOL


Turning me off.




Look at that second screen cap when he pulls down the undies with both thumbs, Stripper move!


@ Harper

Tank likes tall guys? Jamie Foxx isn't tall :-)

@ ATLboi

Spec looks good for a muscle twink. I'll take him or Tank.

Dallas Cowboy

Not very straight, sorry.
But yeah I'd hit that!


They say "da hips don't lie" but all I can say is Wow! If he's not bi/gay he should have thought twice about posting that video. If he was looking for attention he got it, but it might not be the kind Spec was expecting...lol But yeah I'd get wit it for sure.


Spectacular is fabulous! (I heard he's only 5'6" though). Oh well, I'd still take him.

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