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20 May 2009



good gawd, this man just gets finer and finer

you are "it" baby!

Marlon Hill

Yeah, this is much more like it!
That fetish gear is just sick, serve it up daddy!

Marlon Hill

One more thing...Rod have all Typepad blogs been down? Was trying to get on this blog, Towleroad and some others for the past hour or two...

But glad you are back up! Always glad to see you


now that's wassup. Race Cooper is da *ish, hmmmm, i wanna get slick with that

and love the interview, he comes across as very polished,


Race Cooper is Canadian eh?


Why do I feel Like since I've got older "22" the whole Top, Vers, and bottom thing and sex in general has gotten played out?? I'm tired of seeing and hearing about sex" I want a man to stimulate my mind and bring out the best in me.

Like" I was born and raised here in Miami and they have this sizzle fest every year and I've been talking to this really nice guy online so we never really talked sex cause were into Politics and thats what our conversations consist of.So he's been telling me for 2months when he comes to visit were going to go out and get drinks, chill and get to know each other more. cause I was going to BBQ at my lil place monday"and now all of a sudden" he's asking me..When he comes to Miami Tomarrow will I join him in getting his freak on through the rest of the week going to raw sex partys and all kinds of crazy stuff " and it's really scareing me cause I've used condoms and been negitive my life!!! and now since my best friends died dew to aids complicatins last year I feel like every guy I meet wanna have sex,sex,sex and I'm really tired of this!!! I don't wanna die and catch STDs!!! I just want a nice clean safe guy that want to know me for me and not because my chest is nice my butt is phat and I'm very attractive.I consider myself very masculine,i dont dress flashy and loud and im very thoughtful and loving but Black gay men are really starting to turn me off because no one wants to get to know you anymore. I'm so lonley" : ( sorry about my anger you guys"


And LOL at that suit he have on" it looks crazy"


Mike, dare I say, you should really begin to work on yourself man - mentally! what are your goals for yourself, what do YOU want, independent of a man? Go get your life back bro, the rest will fall into place.


Cheer up, Mike. Sex is normal, sex is healthy, and sex is how you got here. Sounds like you are equating sex, physical attraction and lust with hiv/aids. Don't do that to yourself. I understand. When I was younger, I did the same thing. Now I know better.

If you don't want to hang out with that guy you've be chatting with online, ignore him and find someone more of your speed. I bet you won't have any trouble doing so.


For any of you that care and don't know, Race is married. Like quite a few Black men, he has a white "daddy" partner. I guess it is less of a hassle to date same sex outside of the race.

I hardly ever see two Black gay men in a long term relationship. On the other hand, interracial long term relationships are very visible.

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