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29 May 2009


alicia banks

if wonder how this will affect gay u.s. soldiers in iraq....they must be doubly stressed etc...



A US soldier being gay is the least of his or her problems in Iraq. Soldiers get killed over there by just wearing the uniform.


Well, at least he is honest, hate them but don't kill them, the church going "Christians" in this country want to "love" you but hate the "sin," when they hate both and are too hypocritical to say so, I like my hate straight up with no spin like this churl's.


Sadr's motives are uncertain because he doesn't want anyone to kill his long-time lover of 15 yrs.


The more I focus on photos of Moqtada Sadr, the more I am convinced she is really a drag king.

Her moustache and beard are simply paste-ons. Look at the photo: She keeps her long, wavy brown tresses stuffed up in that turban of hers during the daytime. At night, in the privacy of her bedroom, she lets them down for her lover.

Notice that she is utterly silent about lesbians.


I have seen this on several other sites and I question the sincerity of the statement.

I find it odd al-Sadr is not quoted personally. And the fact he is supported by anti-everything western Iran makes it more suspect.

I'll bottom line what I am trying to say. I don't believe it.

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