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18 May 2009



Here we go again ...


'''Is the president backpedaling?'''

YES!! and I'm not surprised.

alicia banks

each day

i hate obama more



Wow, "hate" is such a strong word, Alicia. Do you know the man personally?

Derrick from Philly

Damn, this is disturbing: the unnecessary abandonment of programs that work to cut down the rate of new HIV infections. I'm not going to make excuses for the President on this one...because it is disturbing.


Mr.President where did CHANGE go? Everyday its some new or shall I say the same policies from the Bush administration that remain the SAME! Many are begining to have buyers remorse but he's a heleva lot better than McCain would've been. I Still luv Obama so don't take this the wrong way. But I'm gettin' tired of defending him.

Chris Cruz

I'm with you Derrick and Xavier.

Given the huge majority that he won and the numbers in Congress, I don't really understand why Obama is so cautious and conservative on everything. There is no point in having political 'capital' if you don't use it. As Xavier said, O reruns Bush policies and that is not good.

I love the guy and am so glad he won but as Xavier and Derrick say, it becomes difficult to defend him. So I just won't on this one, people, are dying dammit. Let's have some CHANGE!


I am sure the Obamabots will come on here pleading for patience and tell us once again how historic he is and how proud we need to be of him.

I am about through. Time after time this man has dragged his feet on issue after issue. All of the campaign promises are turning out to be empty items that "we'll get to later.". What kind of BS is that? You are the POTUS!! Lead on some issues, have a vision, and get people to see things your way!! All of this hemming and hawing is getting on my nerves. Obama is letting his moment slip away. Why be cautious when you have the congress? He seems unable to lead on key issues. The speeches are great, but it is time for action. And when he gets a chance he punts 3 out of 5 times.

For all of his talk about a mandate, this man acts as if he barely won. It's crazy. Republicans are falling apart and be refuses to take advantage of it.


I believe that, on this and other issues on which the President has retreated from his campaign promises, it is up to US to push him -- and Congress -- to 'practice what he preached.' If there was a large and visible groundswell of support for needle exchange and other proven HIV-prevention measures, it would happen.

I also want to add that, it has only been a few months since Obama took office, and bringing true change to the US government is going to take a long LOONG time! -- but PUSH HIM TO DO IT ANYWAY!

Kevin Perez

Should I be surprised that discussions like this and the one that involve the Anti-gay marriage protests get less than 10 comments by some how how Castro's "return" in gay porn have almost 30?

I say this again, what gives?


I'm shocked the obama trolls haven't come out and be so supportive of obama. why we must rally around him oh it's to early to do anything.

This man has let me down on GLBT rights and now this. He's spineless like Clinton was. He's scared to ACT and do something to scared of the far-right don't wanna piss them off.

Obama get a backbone honey. cause right now chances of me 'voting' for you again are slim to none.


>>>If there was a large and visible groundswell of support for needle exchange and other proven HIV-prevention measures, it would happen.

How about the HIV rate in DC is 3%? How about 50 percent of all new HIV cases are black people but are only 11% of the population? How about black gay men are the most likely people to become infected with HIV and eventually die?

Is that groundswell loud enough for you? Or do you need more "proof" that Obama should keep his damn campaign promise?

@ Rod:

Props to u. I remember story about the needle exchanges in November and wondering why you were talking about it then. Now we see, his team had no intention of following through with their promise.


wow is this really happening?

this is critical and about saving lives. people are dying. most cities and states don't have these programs. who and where can we call or email?

and some of you obama fanboyz need to wake up and smell the cappucino. stop defending obama on everything. what if he cuts AIDS funding next? will you defend that too?

so far he has backtracked on everything from DADT to needles to surveillance. if we wanted bush 3 we would have voted for mccain.

i voted for obama and surely did not want mccain. but obam's timidity and desire not to offend the republicans is exactly why he was not my first choice in the primaries. the republicans are in a meltdown and obama should be demonstrating a 'sharp contrast' to show the difference.

and i'm with giselle. don't mention anything to me about a second term unless you do something worthwhile in the first. it is still "early'...but AIDS is claiming lives every day.


How many decades are we into the AIDS crisis and there is documentation that needle exchange programs work right?

I understand Obama does not want to make a move that the Rethugs can pounce on, but all this reaching across the aisle and we need to have consensus is gettin' real old. He's tip toeing and I want him to start stumpin'!


Wow, well sign me up in the "ObamaBot" line but President Obama has made it very clear early on that he has his own mind and ways "he" chooses to do things. Some things the far left will love, and the right hates and vice versa plus everything in between....in fact isnt that life? Havent we have all stated we plan to do certain things and some has never came to pass or maybe seen another side to something that changed our mind.....Oh yea no not muah! But its amazing how alot of these shiftless A*** queens & princesses wannabes in training who have never stood up publicly for anything are so quick to threaten that Obama will not get your single vote next time or he is the same as McCain when he is fresh outta of 100 days in the position.

If your that easily turned off then please join the republicans or independents and see how welcoming they will be on this issue or any other that pertains to our community. Or better yet, dont vote at all till you find that perfect candidate who will believe everything you do, say/do everything you want him or her to say and see how long you wait. Its called life people and sometimes you do have to prioritize in the fashion you see fit. If you dont like it, how you run for office......oh yea that requires work...

Billy Frazier

"Havent we have all stated we plan to do certain things and some has never came to pass or maybe seen another side to something that changed our mind."

really? we're not talking about promising your boyfriend you will buy him tickets to see Janet or promising mom to take out the garbage. these are specific promises to change a federal policy to give clean needles to addicts and save possibly hundreds or thousands of people yearly from catching getting HIV or AIDS and possibly dying.

this is not a "left-wing" fantasy and it really angers me when first time voters and Obama groupies who do not understand issues use REPUBLICAN talking points.

and if Obama is "changing his mind" on AIDS, as someone said...what is next? will he cut funding? will he "change his mind" on student loans? hate crimes? ENDA? really, you opened the door to this one. If a politician continually changes their mind, they stand for nothing but themselves.

now one said anything about McCain. obama is the president for the next four years. but if he wants a SECOND term he has to DO what he promised (or at least part of it) in the first. that's the way it usually works, but for some reason internet Obama groupies think he is entitled to our votes. no one is entitled to my vote.

West Side Poz

@ Derrick:
Thank you!

@ Quest:
People on this blog are not saying they are giving up on Obama and voting Republican. That's just foolish talk. People are becoming upset because they were promised one thing and we keep getting another. Obama specifically said he would not do that. Now even HBCUs and black farmers are getting less then they did under Bush. If its going to be like this for four years, and black people are thrown under the bus, and gays...what was the point in electing a black president? And why are you defending so fiercely if he is cutting funding to your community, your student loans, your HIV meds?

As far as what "he" wants, lol...
I really don't care. It's what "we" want. maybe you don't understand but politicians are "hired" by the public. we hire them, we fire them. but it's also our job to "pressure" politicians and engage them on our issues. you have to make them accountable for your vote and move them to where you want them.

the goal is to get politicians to support the issues YOU care about. it's not to support politicians blindly and change YOUR positions to accomodate them.

Quest, you sound young and new to the process. Or maybe you aren't. But it's sad and unfortunate that a black young gay man (and correct me if I'm wrong) would make excuses for the federal government dragging its feet on AIDS. As many as half of black gay men are thought to be HIV poz. The numbers are even higher for younger black gay men. Rod has been reporting it diligently. Listen and learn from Derrick. AIDS is the one topic where YOU do not want excuses for Obama or anyone in charge. We went through that under Reagan, Bush I, Clinton to a certain extent and Bush II.


Yes im younger, but live in and apart of the same community as everyone else and mostly like walked the talk and even had to be at times the one to stand when no one else when something is unpopular. To think that we have all to be on accord on every topic is bs and unrealistic. Yes I do see your prospective of your side but again, but allow him and his administration to at least work or maybe personally bring to his attention that hey maybe this is not the best way to go. But to suck teeth and roll eyes and hide behind keyboards isnt helping the issue. And the idea of "pushing" are elected officials into our agendas, wants or maybe needs our evangelical right holy riders love to use that same line.

And Obama being black has squat to do with anyone supporting him, i personally support him based on a list of things that "have" been done since the few months he has been president. Again maybe its time for more gay and older ppl as yourself westside and billy take a leadership role in our communities to stand tall and respectfully speak why issues like this should not be dragged and promises kept to actually bring about change. Obama is not Lord, Jehovah ect.. he's a person so not quite sure what change you were looking for. But Kudos to rod for meaningful topics that we should all be mature enough to take part in.

Billy Frazier

@ Quest:

"Again maybe its time for more gay and older ppl as yourself westside and billy take a leadership role in our communities..."

speaking for myself, i'm not hiding behind a keyboard. i post under my real name, i'm an political strategist and volunteer at several gay and HIV groups. also on a board of directors. how very odd you would suggest we take leadership. many of us are and already have. comedy.

moving on...West Side Poz is absolutely correct. goal of activism is to get politicians to "move" on your issues. if you want same sex marriage (or a new stop light on your block) you rally people, conduct polls, raise money, and talk to politicians and convince them to support "your" goals. they might only give you half of what you want, like civil unions or a four-way stop sign, but that is a start. you keep pushing them to give you want you want.

do you read the news? did you notice how last week New Hampshire's governor said he WOULD sign a marriage bill but for years has said he WOULD NOT? (rod has reported it many times) that is called "activism" and "lobbying". gay rights groups pressured ("lobbied") gov. lynch and eventually he came around. marriage is in the news, other states went for it, he "moved" on the issue.

your position that we should settle for what Obama "wants" is illogical. you don't just take what people give you in life. especially when it comes to politics, life or rights. maybe you do. but successful people do not. and political junkies and activists NEVER settle because we want to control our own destiny. seriously, if you were running strategy at an HIV organization you would be fired now after saying, "oh the president says he changed his mind, a few thousand more people will die this year, let's have lunch now."

keep on living quest. i have been through this gay rights and hiv landscape with several presidents. and i will still be dealing with it when obama has left the white house. and he is not God. that what we are telling you.


obama reminds of a dude on adam4adam who promises to love you, do all great things for you, but in the end fcks you like the sorry fool you are.

i did not vote for him cause i smelt his ivy league smugness a mile away. he has thrown gays, negroes, liberals, progressives, and whoever else he can under the proverbial bus. his machiavellan ambition is taking the nation down. Shit! Atleast bush admitted to doing as he pleases.

obamabots wake up.


I am starting to see a pattern and hope I am not correct.

We worked so, so hard to elect this incredible man, I hope and pray I am not right. But this is human lives we are talking about and life and death. You can't drag your feet on HIV prevention, no ma'am, not when our community suffers the most.

Okay I said my piece....

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