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16 May 2009



Those African nations are so homophobic. /snark


yeah, this is insane. almost hard to believe russia is considered a world power.

backwards and homophobic


I feel like I need to be there. I need to be in the trenches. They say are generation is the nihilistic and I don't want that label. I want something worth dying for!

I need to be on the battle field.


Russia wants to be on the world stage and a global leader, but, with the homophobic, xenophobic ways of its people that have gotten worse year after year, that should never happen, but, al long as the conutry is flush with oil and gas, most will look the other way to this hatred.

This is just vile, and disgusting and, sadly, the glbt Russian community probably had it better under Communism.

Kevin Perez

"Those African nations are so homophobic. /snark"

Well it sure hell ain't any better over there. Or in Latin America and certain countries in Asia, the Carribian and the Pacific in general.

Nice try.


OK, so why does the cop's jacket seem to read "HOMO" just backwards? (THE FIRST PHOTO!)


Chitown Kev


Actually, Russian gays had it much worse under Stalin. Out gay people were thrown in the gulag and the Soviet Union also had sodomy codes in place until Parliment outlawed them, I think under Yeltsin or it may have been Gorbachev.

Yeah, this white homophobia is something, ain't it? Where is Topanga Canyon when you need her...oops, don't want to talk her up!

An acquaitance, Andy Thayer, was also over there, supporting Russian GLBT's and was arrested but released. I am eagerly checking e-mail awaiting word on the Russian organizer who seems to have disappeared.


This madness must end....


this is sad and tragic on so many levels. but ignorant, homophobic and rabid antigay governments are the same...no matter they are jamaica, belarus, latvia or russia, or nigeria or senegal.

i feel so sorry for our russian brothers and sisters. but i feel even more sorry for my african lgbt brothers and sisters on motherland, who are even more oppressed.

let us work and fight to end homophobia and violence toward lgbts ... everywhere!


"OMOH" stands for "Otdel Milicii Osobogo Naznacheniya", which is Russian for "Department of Police for Special Assignments", aka riot cops.

(The letter "H" in the Cyrillic alphabet is equivalent to the Roman letter "N".)

It is the universe's little joke that the Russian cops are just backwards homos.

Kevin Perez

Certain regions in Latin America aren't any better too. Those who feel African nations or Black people are being singled out and are feeling pity for themselves should look at what happens to LGBT in Brazil, Cuba and Central American nations as well. Contray to myth about being tolerant, a lot of those nations have its fair share violence against LGBT.

Meet Me On The Moon

Every gay man should have a gun.

Kevin Perez

Being LGBT in ANY Eastern European country is a death sentence pratically.


Thanks Chitown Kev, I had forgot about the pogroms of Stalin.

alicia banks

church folks and other gaybashers here would love to see the very same thing here in the usa

but ONLY due to gay warriors, that will never be!...thanks rod!

like frederick douglass said:
"he who is whipped easiest is whipped most often"

there will be no easy whippings here..


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