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20 May 2009



Didn't he get the memo the day he got the gig that he was a figurehead? Its not as if anyone in the party in the Deep South was ever going to take orders from hi.

This self implosion would be funny it not for the fact that he is so pitiful and does not get that the joke is on him.


Dear RNC "Chairman" Steele:

You are already a figurehead.



@ luther:

good call.
have you ever watched a building implode? you just sit back and watch it crumble.


Oh, Uncle Tom now mad, because his White Daddy told him, he is f*!#$@^g up.

This negro is tired already of being the white man's puffet.

That blackness always seem to show when things ain't going so well.


I wish that people would stop using "Uncle Tom" to describe Blacks who choose to sell their people down the river just for personal gain. Uncle Tom was about Reverend Josiah Henson, an escaped slave who founded a colony for escaped slaves in Ontario, Canada. He became a prominent abolitionist and helped as many as 600 slaves gain their freedom. I would not bestow that image upon a man like Michael Steele.


Thank you Ravenback for that sharing that information. When I tell people about this site I include over and over there are a lot of interesting people who read/comment on this site and not just about Supreme and the like.

People also don't really pay attention to the fact that Steele was only a lt. gov, not governor. He always has been and apparently always will be a figure head.

After he resigns tonight and Alan Keyes is chosen to replace him 30 seconds later his final act will be to either brings out his 19 year old blond, blue eyed male lover and gives him a deep tongue kiss. Steele ain't a foolin' me.

Either act won't stop Keyes from accepting the position. Trust me, there was a reason why Keyes showed up at Notre Dame this weekend and now we know what it was. The only other "prominent" fiddler player to take the position has said she is not interested (Condoleeza).


Good bye Mike Steele and good riddance.

Thanks Ravenback. Some how I remember reading something about that back when teachers still taught school. I'd never call Mike Steele an Uncle Tom. Coon or minstrel are the words that come to mind when I think of him.

Rod Mc


Loved your take on Steele always being a "figurehead." Moved it up into the post.

And these are great comments from everyone on Steele. He really is the gift that keeps on giving, no? -RM


ok so with all of the legitimate criticisms you can come up with about Steele somehow epithets like coon, minstrel and Uncle Tom are the go tos! Awful.
Steele is now and has always been a figurehead it is beyond shocking that it took him this long to figure that out.With the GOP lost without leadership: http://www.newsy.com/videos/gop_soul_search
the party has been reduced to in-fighting. Better hope they don't pick the absolutely unpopular, and politically impotent Keyes to replace Steele.

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