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01 May 2009


Baltimore Femme

I have heard this Justice Sears's name mentioned and didn't even know she was a sistah. And a very good friend of the gays? Yes ma'am, I am very impressed!


Oh we like her.

Mad Professah

I knew she was a sister but I didn't know that she was so progressive on LGBT issues and others.

That's great.

I do think he should go with a Latina pick though.

alicia banks


she would be great

i would love to see michelle obama chosen too!



I am having a field day reading up on the potential picks. Theresa Roseborough has also been mentioned she is chief general counsel for Metlife and also a sistah


I do hope he chooses wisely. It would be nice if he could put Michele on the court but lets be real.

I also hope Clarence Thomas spends the rest of his life on the court. And may it be over before the last keystroke in this comment.


This woman won re-election to the Chief Justice seat, in a Republican state, after being targeted by the Republican party. And she won easily! If conservative redneck Georgians can elect an African American woman Chief Justice, what real opposition would the Senate 'Pubs put up? She would be a smart choice.


LOL @ gurlene.

What a great bait and switch. Me: "Oh, no! Not a d_mn right-winger here on Rod 2.0! Oh.....OK.....LOL."

Cincinnati NAMjA

Great to see the GA is moving ut of the past.

Monica Roberts

Word to some of you peeps.

Just because some of your African American family lives in the Deep South and Texas doesn't necessarily mean we AREN'T pushing for the same Afrocentric agenda you 'blue staters' are.

You're not having to fight the yahoo and batturd crazy GOP just to get it through.

But back to Chief Justice Sears.

She's be an excellent antidote to counter the sellout Uncle Thomas


OT: Im so glad that Oprah will be covering the stories of the 2 boys, who were bullied to death. Its on Wendsday.

Kevin Perez

This makes me smile. And that says a lot...

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