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28 May 2009



Hmmm. That's a tough one.

I'm not sure who or what he was joking about....but he was joking about the protesters.

I think it was a poor attempt at being funny...I don't think he meant any harm or malice, it's just not very funny in hindsight.



Bourbon Street

After watching it, I still do not find Obama's flippant comment a slight. But let em add that I am still very disheartened by his overall silence on our issues. Whoever is advising him, he truly does need advisors if, they are the ones steering him towards inactivity.

Aaron Parker

Oy. I'm reading to turn the page on this one.


Lighten up for crying out loud, they weren't all "progressive protesters" their were a lot of different groups out there. People need to stop looking for things to get offended by.


Hopefully people will realize what a mistake they made voting for Obama.


Would you feel better off having McCain as president?


When we get this offended by a statement that is not without a doubt directed at our concerns..how are we to be taken seriously? I agree Jinca "people need to stop looking for things to get offended by." It seems like every (sometimes imagined) slight of the gay agenda makes people rethink their votes and his integrity. Are we really so warped by our sexuality that it becomes the single defining trait of why we are alive and the measure of whether we matter? Give the man some time and then make your decisions. Its like a relationship, in fact it is a relationship and he desrves a chance.


In all fairness, it is unclear if he was making fun of the gay rights demonstration, the various other demonstrators with different causes, or, perhaps, his many campaign promises.

Exactly! This is why I said earlier that gay blogs overreacted when they first reported this story. It didn't seem that anyone had the full story and had already condemned Obama's words as a slight to the gay community without knowing all the facts, in context.


Erm, were any of YOU there....

Go back and actually read some of the thoughts on the blog, I'd recommend Towleroad...

Some were there, protesting...

What a strange guy...


I think what Obama did was totally offensive, just like I think that the audience laughing was offensive. I think we have every right to respond to this, and every other slight, by letting Obama and his administration know our displeasure. The only way to get things done is to keep the pressure on no matter what.

Some of you guys defending Obama's actions is unbelievable! When he runs you over with the bus after you have been thrown under it and you have tire tread marks on your faces will you still defend him???

Rod Mc

@ Soulbrotha:
We're not talking about "gay blogs" here. We're talking about Rod 2.0. And that is not entirely what I said. I said, if that is true "the president is still making light of protesters to gazillionaire studio executives such as Spielberg and Katzenberg and others paying up to $30,000 to hear him speak." Are you comfortable with that? Yes or No?

Now. Do you really want to accuse me of being inauthentic or not being accountable? I don't think you do.

@ "Jinca":
You're welcome to leave comments on the blog. But don't try to make this about me personally.

@Apres Moi
McCain is not the president, Obama is the president.

The question stated earlier was, regardless who Obama is joking about, he is still joking about protesters to an audience of movie stars and millionaire studio executives. Are you all comfortable with that? MOST of you have not answered the question. If you can't respond to that question, or anything specifically written, you're free to comment ... but watch your tone and do not try to make this about me. I don't play that.

I'd like to see some of you get so worked up over HIV rates among black gay men, gay bashings in our neighborhoods and by our pastors, and the lack of access to health care in the black and black gay communities. -RM


We're not talking about "gay blogs" here. We're talking about Rod 2.0. And that is not entirely what I said. I said, if that is true "the president is still making light of protesters to gazillionaire studio executives such as Spielberg and Katzenberg and others paying up to $30,000 to hear him speak." Are you comfortable with that? Yes or No?"

I am neither comfortable nor uncomfortable because I am not exactly sure if Obama was intentionally "making light of the protesters" or if he was making a general comment on the number of "promises" that different groups have attributed to him. It's a possibility and considering his general disposition, I believe a strong one.

And how did I accuse you of being inauthentic or unaccountable? Because I said gay blogs overreacted? I did not mean all blogs. Maybe I should have quantified it with the word "some" or "many." My bad. However, if misunderstandings of intent can happen over the lack of one quantifying word in a comment, then I am even more willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt for a comment made off the cuff.

When someone makes a comment, cracks a smile and people "laugh", that's called "making light". But you knew that, which is why you still cannot answer my question "yes" or "no."

I'm done discussing this. -RM

Greg G

I don't blame Rod one bit for snapping. I'd snap on some of these folks too. Don't blame him for what Towleroad said, Rod has never taken that tone on Obama.

And still can't answer the man's question. smh


ok. help me... what is "smh?" i've seen it a few times but i'm clueless as to what the acronym stands for.


Greg G, I never once blamed him for what Towleroad says or does, so I'm not sure what your point is. And I believe I did answer Rod's question quite thoroughly. Did you even read what I wrote or are you just "snappin'"?

FREELO: smh = "shaking my head"


thank you. i was lost.


It's a lame joke, it is what it is. I agree with some of the other protesters some bloggers are overreacting over nothing. Also, these constant overaction is the reason why I've stopped visting most gay blogs these days because it is like being in a house of crackheads always looking for a new 'fix'.

Shane Moseley

maybe you're talking about some other blogs, not this one, it is extremely rare to hear rod criticize the prez.

i'm all for turning this page on this incident and moving forward. but complaining over people discussing gay rights on a gay blog? no, that's like going to a basketball game and shocked they are cheering on basketball instead of football. and i'm noticing almost all of the complaining/criticizing is by people i've never seen comment here before.

and comparing gay rights activists to crackheads looking for a fix? that's just sad and pathetic.


The bottom line is do not idolize a person, but ideals.


the only promises obama kept are to wall street and isreal.

i for am not comfortable with him making jokes about not keeping promises. it simply reinforces my cynicism about politicians being smug individuals who will do anything to get ahead.

additionally everyone hates clarence thomas but everyone knows where he stands. what does obama stand for?

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