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13 May 2009



I still love him over Bush.

Obama has let me down on GLBT rights. It's like he doesn't have the spine to take action. He's kinda like Clinton no spine/back bone and look what we got 'DADT'.


I still love me some Obama and will give him time, if, he does not get to work on glbt issues soon, I'll criticize him as well, but, am grown enough to realize that this country is in dire straits and he has to fix 8 years of the Bush legacy.

And, thanks to Rod for just putting up the FACTS, which many other sites don't do, its straight into bashing the man on this issue and the feeding frenzy starts.


I'm not giving up on Obama but I am voicing my displeasure. The events of the past several weeks have made it very obvious this so called 'fierce' advocate for gay rights is anything but. We're on the back of the bus and possibly may get thrown under the bus again.

As far as multi-tasking, of course there is plenty to do but Obama himself told Bush the president has to be able to do more than one thing at once. And dammit I'm tired of black folks and black gay folks especially saying we can 'wait' for our rights. Maybe you want to, but not me.

And to the next person who says Obama has to clean up after Bush and can only do so much .... let me remind you that LBJ was able to run the Vietnam War, enact the Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, Clean Water Act, Medicare, Medicaid, Headstart ...and so much more ... ALL AT ONCE.


I'm with Luther. Obviously it's too early to get too much dandruff up but yes...it does seem we are not a priority of the new White House. Don'[t Ask really isn't my big issue (health care, hate crimes, enda and employee free choice) but it's difficult 'not' to see the White House is distancing itself from Don't Ask. How does the national security adviser say he 'doesn't know'? Just months ago Gibbs one word answer was "yes" it would be repealed.

We'll see...


Oh and daps to Luther, good call. Rod is hardly one to bash our president, just the facts and some intelligent commentary. When I read a few of those other gay blogs my blood boils, its obvious they have something against President Obama. I wonder what is it ... ?


The last two days have been very sad for me regarding the back-pedaling president Obama on LGBT issues. It makes him appear very spineless.

I am beginning to have buyers-remorse. Many of us spent countless hours working on his campaign - only to get this?

I have told my friends that if he continues like this, no one should call me to bust my ass on his re-election campaign.

The sad thing is that the republicans are worse (at least their rhetoric is) on LGBT issues. :(


Obama could stop the investigation into people getting kicked out the military for being gay. Has he used his power to do that? NO. Atleast we know where we stand with Republicans. democrats say one thing for a vote and do something totally diffrent the next.

Not hating Obama but speaking the 'TRUTH' No sugar-coating it like some.


I am more troubled by Obama's backward steps on torture than on GLBT stuff ('cause I knew he would not be in support of GLBT causes when push came to shove). He is going directly against many of the points he ran on-- no relase of pictures, memos, and no prosecutions. This is a huge issue, and he should be leading on this, not taking the same arguments Buch and Co. used only a few months ago. I am waiting for the President to LEAD on something, not just rea tea leaves and tell Congress to act, but to show up and lead on an issue tat he really believes in. I have no seen that yet. Too pensive, too scared, too unwilling to get his hands dirty. It's kind of getting on my nerves.

He hasn't yet "started" on GLBT issues, but I am not sure how much he will do there, either. The problem is that Obama is taking a page out of the Clinton playbook-- I will put a gay face on some thing (Wanda, a lower level appointee), and we are supposed to be happy with that. All of you "waiting" on Obama and those of you "giving him more time" need to realize that the bell has run, the rooster crowed, the uzzer buzzed and this guy still has not said a word-- not a word. Mentioning gay folks in a speech is ok, but it isn't action.

I was concerned before, I am getting worried now.


I'm with Talarico here. At first, I was giving the Prez a slide on LGBT issues. We do have a lot of bigger things on the American Agenda (economy, national security, foreign relations) but now LGBT issues are really at the forefront of social issues. Every day there is something in the mainstream media about gay marriage and civil rights. A record number of states have allowed gay marriage in their states but Obama has been pretty much silent. Even this press conference seems evasive of the issues. And I'm glad he was pressed on the separate but equal question. Still, I want to hear from the President's own mouth that he will fulfill his promises to the LGBT community and I want to know straight (no pun intended) where he stands on gays and civil rights.

no more passes. I know that fixing this country is a tough task but that's the job Barry...get to work.

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