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27 May 2009


D. Askew

So much for being a "fierce advocate" for the gay and lesbian community!


not really getting a good feeling from all the evasiveness and non-answers. the president has said nothing on lgbt issues, gibbs won't say anything .. geez, it's like they are petrified of mentioning 'teh gays.'


Petrified is a start. Terrified, petrified, just afraid to speak or get involved in LGBT issues. So much for those campaign promises.

Mr President, I believe in YOU and believe YOU can do better! Don't let us down!

alicia banks

this blackish bastard obama is not our friend!



I'm a big an Obama supporter as anyone but I'm going to hold off saying anything.

It is not looking very hopeful. I would like to believe there is a strategy or plan, but we just haven't heard it yet.


--->I have not talked to the President about it.

Gibbs is such a tool. Okay, maybe "he" hasn't spoken with the president but it is a well-known fact the president has a BlackBerry. So Obama has not heard anything about the news?

This is some bs.


Not surprised hehe.

I could honestly careless about Prop8 time to move on. What I do care about is DADT and the hate crime law.

Chris Cruz

@ Giselle:

I disagree. Maybe you could "care less" about Prop 6 but I care about all of these issues. We as a community can work on all of them at once, DADT, hate crimes, Prop 8, marriage in different states, health insurance, etc.

Prop 8 was a narrow loss. We go back again and again until we win. Or have a governor who signs legislation. But you never ever give up when fighting for rights and equality.


Alicia Banks, that was totally uncalled for, that type of nasty name calling is unworthy of this site and better suited for the Queerty or Towleroad sites where he is called everything but a child of God daily, this site is run by a classy guy and should be respected for that, no matter how much you may hate Obama and his policies.


@ Chris Cruz

i disagree. we in the LGBT community need to stop making 'Marriage' the main focus. Yes we should all be allowed to marry. but, we need to tackle the main big issues DADT,Hate crime laws to add gender identity. HIV is another big issue we need to discuss.

Chris Cruz


I never said Marriage was my main focus and I agree that some in our community are making it an issue where it is not possible in many places. I've actually said several times before that hate crimes, HIV and ENDA were my priorities.

But I disagree. We can work on many things at once. And we are. My saying that they they need to go ahead with overturning Prop 8 in California doesn't stop my activism on LGBT violence in New York or my desire to get a federal discrimination bill passed.

But I will say it again. You don't "give up" on fighting for rights. We lost a battle in California but will win the war.

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