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19 May 2009



"I honestly don't know the answer to that."

As I said a few days ago dying the second DADT press conference, we are not on the White House's radar. I think Barack and Michelle like gays and want equality, but Barack doesn't just know how to take one position on any issue or this one. I wouldn't be surprised if the WH team never thought marriage would be such an important issue in the news every day. I think they thought they would only have to deal with Massachusetts and maybe Connecticut, since California was knocked down on election day.

Andrew Holleran

my two cents: they (obama, staff, etc) mean well but are clueless on gay issues.

and gibbs is just ineffective, on this issue and many others. he is fast approaching scott mclellan and ron ziegler territory. they need someone new who can craft and deliver a message.

and they have no idea how to lead on major issues...there never was any political will to repeal DOMA and even Pelosi says it will not happen. so why say it? more importantly, why "believe" it?

must be a bummer to the people who are very pro-marriage

and god bless you for saying the truth, you said all along it would never happen so it didn't mean *ish


Sure is getting crowded under that bus! DOMA, Don't Ask Don't Tell, needle exchanges, surveillance ...

It's time to order a new fleet!


Oops! I meant "during" the second DADT press conference!

Preview is my friend, I know I know lol

Leimert Park

Okay, Mr. Gibbs threw down the gauntlet. I would like to see The Advocate and Kerry Eleveld follow up with Mr. Gibbs as long as it takes until he has an answer to that.


Sorry Bobby, but after a two year campaign and four months in office, umm,, "I honestly don't know the answer to that" is not acceptable. Not at this stage in the game.

If Bobby Gibbs truly does not know the answer to the question, let's hope it's not because this is never discussed. Who is the president's LGBT liaison? Clinton had Keith Boykin, who does Obama have?

I am starting to get the impression the LGBT community is not important to this White House. I get the impression they are more interested in trying not to offend Republicans. And there is NO reason to feel that way b/c there is a Democratic majority. I really hope this feeling is wrong because I worked so hard to get Obama in office and so did all my friends and my gay friends. Please do not let bus down Mr. Obama. If you made too many promises then please say that. But don't ignore us b/c that makes it worse.

Shane Moseley

i voted for Obama and am glad I did.

wouldn't trade my vote for anything in the world.

but it's time for obama and his team to grow a pair. and they have to be realistic and level with folks.

repealing DOMA will be a very heavy lift. it will not happen in this congress or next, or in this administration or next. that will go to the supreme court.

imho we all knew he couldn't deliver on DOMA. but many of us "hoped" and dared to dream the impossible.


Well said FQ. Basically to me Obama is stain in the white house. I hope liberals, negroes, and progressives are happy. He is doing a worst job then Bill Clinton ever could. Obviously being charming and speaking well is not enough to run a nation.


I'm going to withhold judgment...at least for now. But the clock is ticking, yea I know. I just have no opinion yet.

I will say...that while almost the entire gay blogosphere has been freaking out for weeks, Rod been quiet as a mouse and very calm. I appreciate that and transcripts and videos. Let me make up my own mind.


LGBT Community just isn't that important to the WH right now. Obama has let me down, he doesn't have the balls to tackle a issue and go. ever since he's been in office he's trying to not piss of conservatives to much. Obama years are looking just like the Clinton years. I've said it many times Obama like Clinton is spineless to do anything.

I didn't expect to much from DOMA BUT! Obama could use his power to stop the investigations into men and woman getting kicked out. has he done it? NO 'spineless'.


Oh and ROBERT GIBBS is an idiot. he knows the answers he just is scared to give it.

Nathan James

IMHO, what President Obama needs to say regarding DOMA is: "The Defense Of Marriage Act is a misguided attempt to circumvent Article IV, Section I of our Constitution. As President, I am sworn by my oath of honor to preserve, protect, and defend our living Constitution. I am today asking the Congress to repeal the Defense Of Marriage Act, because it runs contrary to the values and ideals of Constitutional democracy and the virtues of freedom cherished by all Americans. I pledged during my campaign to be a President of ALL the American people, and for these reasons, I believe DOMA is antithetical to the mission of my Administration and the White House."

Obama is vacillating on the DOMA/gay-marriage issue because he knows and understands that a large portion of the electorate is still very homophobic, and because Obama, like all politicians, wants to be re-elected. The prevailing consensus is that publicly supporting gay marriage--which Obama does NOT--would alienate him and his party from the electorate. Obama did say in his "Open Letter To The LGBT Community" during his campaign, that he supported "civil unions", but not gay marriage.

I do think, however, that if President Obama rethought his position on DOMA and made a firm statement like the one I wrote above, he would gain immensely in the eyes of the public, gay and straight alike.

Supporting gay marriage on Constitutional grounds would likely open America's eyes to the moral importance of this issue. It is my profound hope that Obama finds the courage to make such a bold statement one day, soon.


Well, all I have to add is that he is one term as he can't seem to please anyone, and, the liberals are his most vocal critics to the glee of the GOP, and in 2012, the GOP will be making the rules again and I'm loving watching him do his job, odd man out here I know. Obama knows that if he jumps into this in the first few months it will backfire like it did with Clinton no matter what the polls say, this country is still not ready to give gays their equality. The Democrats may have a "majority" but, they don't have any unity and they are already looking at the numbers for next years elections, which I think are going to surprise many when the now pronounced dead GOP makes a comeback.

I'm still 100% pleased with what he is doing, and, am more concerned about who he puts on the Supreme Court, health care reform and, I want him to find more funding for HIV and outreach and after the needle debacle, although I'm vehemently anti-drug its the right thing to do, and, I called the WH to express my disdain for what they did, other than that POTUS is doing just fine with this voter.


Since there has been so much anti-Obama sentiments lately, I figure it won't hurt to look at he other side.

First, I just love the way people KNOW what Obama is thinking. "He's trying not to piss off conservatives," "he's pandering to homophobes to get re-elected". Really now? And how do you know this, exactly? You people read a couple of news stories and the "expert" judgments come flying. Exactly when was Obama supposed to repeal DOMA? I don't remember him setting a date. Could it possibly be that he is thinking strategically before he makes a move? Ya know, like when he thinks before he answers a question, but what so many of his critics call "stuttering" because they are used to the quick bullshit answers of presidents past? Also, aren't things always different when you interview for a job versus when you actually start working for the company? All the unknown office garbage is revealed, like racism, sexism, office politics, etc; things that affect the way you THOUGHT you would handle your job.
So, I can only imagine what unknown garbage Bush/Cheney left him to deal with, on top of the heap well-known crap. And maybe, just maybe, that garbage affects his plans for the repeal of DOMA and he now has to be strategic?

It's so easy to latch onto to lame rhetoric such as "thrown under the bus" because it requires no thought or clue or research. My guess is that people who use that phrase were anti-Obama to begin with.

Blkbandit said: "He is doing a worst job then Bill Clinton ever could." Really, blkbandit? Would you care to elaborate with some actual proof? What did Bill Clinton do in his first four months of office?

Obama is not God. He is a fallible human being. From the beginning he has told the voters that they have to get involved in order to make change happen. Bitchin' in the comments of a blog is not gonna change a damn thing! Yes, you should be concerned about the repeal of DOMA. But what political action are you taking to make your voice heard? How many Congressmen have you written/called/emailed? Have you contacted the White House? How many times? Once? Twice? I bet you complain more for a wrong Chinese take-out order. Cuz you really wanted that lo mein!

Greg G

Okay Luther....we got the memo loud and clear.

You never ever have a problem with anything Obama does or doesn't do.

Been hearing it since the primaries.

Chris Cruz

@ Luther:

"Well, all I have to add is that he is one term as he can't seem to please anyone."

That dog won't hunt. The question asked was "what is the timeline"? The White House has a timeline on DOMA or DAT or Iraq or health care or climate control or whatever. Or they don't?

Rod framed it perfectly. Marriage and DOMA are not my issues either but this is what OBAMA promised. Obama and the Obama internet cheerleaders (=you) were all over this in the primaries. Are you now admitting that Obama made a promise he knew he couldn't keep? So my question becomes, what other promises were hollow? Besides needle exchanges, DADT and surveillance?

This is becoming more foolish by the day...Obama cuts funding to HBCUs...backpedals on AIDS...and doesn't even have a timeline on DADT or DOMA. And all of these issues impact the black and black gay communities but we keep saying "it's okay." It's not okay.

Chris Cruz

@ Rod:

I'm sorry to lose my cool.
My cousin was discharged for "Don't Ask Don't Tell". There are many black gay men and lesbians in the army and navy affected by this policy.

There are also many many black gay men impacted by HIV.

It's just becoming more sad our community keeps pretending we're not affected by these things so if Obama doesn't do anything it's okay.

And I'm getting tired of black folks, and especially black gays, using these awful Republican talking points to frame our issues. Shameful.

Stop worrying about offending the Republicans! They don't have a majority, their party is falling apart and hardcore GOP doesn't like Obama anyway. Did even ONE vote for his budget? NO!


Well, I know that my opinion of Obama isn't at all popular here, but, as I said, I like the job he is doing and refuse to bash him. If, those of you who are not happy, you have a choice, don't vote for him again its that easy, and, get on the phones to your congressman or woman to demand that they urge him to take actions on the issues that are important to you, but, getting all riled up and going off on others isn't going to do anything. I think its pretty disingenuous of some to think that all black gay people don't like him or have the same issues that are of importance, but, I can respect each and everyone of those who don't care for him, what he is or isn't doing, that's life and the world isn't going to stop for me if Obama does nothing on gay issues. I can see why younger people want more from him and the promises he made, but, as a older man, I take all politicians with a grain of salt when they are on the campaign stump.

Greg G

@ Luther:

I'm going to step in...I read your comments in this post and the previous Gibbs post and arguments are very transparent.

It's not about "gay issues". It's about "issues" and "accountability". Obama has changed/backpedaled/reversed course on a number of issues, such as surveillance, health care and obviously DOMA/DADT.

If ____ (insert politician here) does not keep his promises on Issue A, s/he is likely to do the same on issues X, Y and Z. That's how people are, that's how politicians are. It's not about "gay" issues so drop that canard.

For the record...I am not demanding an end to DOMA or DADT. I want Obama to keep his word and say what he can or cannot do. And a timeline. If you don't want to hold politicians accountable and are happy to take whatever scraps they throw your way, okay, that is you.

Oh and you personally really need to step off the "all politicians lie" bs. You and many others were very very ugly throughout the primaries toward Hillary Clinton. What was it? "Will say or do anything to win? Never can take a position? Republican lite" Really?"


@ Q:

That is an admirable rant.
The question was asked what was the timeline on DOMA. Gibbs was clueless.

And nice try, but a timeline was never promised on DADT. The question was also asked--see previous two Gibbs posts--and the press secretary was very defenseive and evasive.

I voted for Obama without hesitation. But its become painfully obvious he lacks cojones for a fight. I'm perfectly willing to wait but as many others said, it's not just DOMA or DADT. It's many, many issues that he is backing away from.


@ Q:

Oh and what bull$$$$ to even compare this blog or its comments to Towleroad. I would assume at least half or more (?) of the folks here are black and almost all the stories relate to black or latino gay men in some way.

I will admit...I wasn't even into marriage or gay rights until I started reading this blog and Rod put black faces to the struggle.

There are few if any white gay racists here. Well, besides Malibu Ken and Topanga Canyon, lol


Greg G, all I have to say, is its your opinion, and that's your right, I disagree with it, but, won't get into the war of words that define so many other gay sites when someone does not march to the knock Obama route as I can't win with the outrage that so many have with him, I respect the blog and Mr Rod too much to do so.


Um, FQ maybe should read the comments on Towleroad on this topic and compare them to what is here before you call bullsh$$$. The basic sentiment is exactly the same.


i'll talk your word for it q. i rarely go to towleroad

maybe what you see could be for three reasons ...
maybe rod and andy attract similar high end, educated readers? or similar readers (different colors) interested in activism and issues

or, maybe ... wait for it ... gays and progressives of all colors see that obama is not living up to his campaign rhetoric?

as far as andy's site, its well designed and the writing is basically wire copy.

but its almost all white, concerned with WeHo/Chelsea/"A" gays, eurovision etc and obsessed around marriage.

oh and the regular black commenters always go there begging and demanding to be accepted. and always want to feel like they are representing.

but i will say this: i used to go there and see two things. self identified black commenters who never were on rod 2.0. or, many of the same black gay men who would comment here but for some reason when they get to towleroad or queerty their comments were were less "black" ebonics and familiarity and much better written.

i guess that is like black folks in general that feel compelled to impress white people.

Sean B

"Read the comments on Towleroad on this topic and compare them to what is here. The basic sentiment is exactly the same."

What do you say to that Sherlock?
If readers at two blogs ... that target two different audiences .... have similar opinions ... do you think maybe there is some truth to it?

Or is everyone else wrong but you?
Tick tock ...

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