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15 May 2009


Alden Murphy

This is becoming almost operatic.

I have no idea what their decision making is on this one. But I sure am no closer to learning after watching that press conference.


HUH? Whatchu talking about Mr Gibbs?


The media is just trying to trap the Obama administration on DADT. Remember what happened to President Clinton? That's how we got into this mess in the first place. I'm willing to give President Obama more than 4 months before I judge him on gay issues. He will soon be signing the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Law. It's just the beginning.


Ravenback I think you make some very good points. We should not rush into trying to repeal DADT because rushing was what got us into this mess to begin with. (Plus a well-meaning but tone deaf new president Clinton) But the public is ready and so is congress. What is Obama's plan? That is what the media asks.

The other issues, as far as gay activists and organizations (who donated many dollars, man hours and GOTV for Obama) is that he no longer speaks on gay issues and for the most part his people don't talk to them. (There was a deputy chief of staff level meeting with HRC and NGLTF etc last week iirc) Now, the Obama fans in the primaries said they wanted Obama because he could bring NEW PEOPLE into the process and TALK TO OPPONENTS OF GAY RIGHTS etc and they didn't want someone who had a proven track record working with gay groups on issues. That has FAILED to happen.

I want to see the president said something about the advances in marriage, even if he doensn't support it. Or I want to see him PERSUADE and use his great ORATORY gifts even fell in love with. If he is not pushing DADt or persuading opponents of ENDA or hate crimes to sign on ... what is he doing? And at what point will people acknowledge he is fairly average (as far as Democrats go) on gay rights?


Gibbs comes across as very ineffective on this and other topics esp gay issues. The mainstream media smells blood and sees the Obama White House has no plan.

I don't doubt they want to repeal the ban, I just don't think they have a plan. I think governing is not what they expected. You just can't as president give a speech and everyone will say wow and decide to give you their vote. Thats why you see the Republicans all stuck together on the budget time and time again. And credit cards too.

What is Obama's plan on Don't Ask don't tell? I don't think he has one. I think he means well, and probably wants to repeal it at some point, they just don't have a plan. And the more panicked Gibbs appears at thee news conferences, the more the sharks in the media will circle. But you can't blame them, its their job, just like it is the Obama team's job to have a plan.


"I don't doubt they want to repeal the ban, I just don't think they have a plan. "

That is where you and I disagree. I don't think Obama wants to repeal the ban. That would put him directly in conflict with the evangelicals and conservatives whom he constantly caters to (and didnt really vote for him anyway, as if he needed their votes).

And once you allows gays to openly serve in the military, the arguments against marriage equality crumble. You mean I am good enough to take a bullet for this country in Iraq but can't get married? Oh dear, that will really set it off.

Sorry, nope, don't beleive it. I would love to be proven wrong though but maybe that is whay there is not and has never been a senate bill introduced to repeal DADT. And someone (Rod?) correct me if I'm wrong.


The media has not been able to do much to lower Obama's high poll numbers and they know this is still a major hot button issue, and, hence, corner him into making a quick decision, that they will use against him. Ambush Fixed Noise reporting at its worst.

Too bad they don't get it, he is going to things his way, after debate and methodical thinking, and, he learned his lesson from Clinton on this issue, don't jump into it in the first 200 days.

Aaron Parker

>>>. Ambush Fixed Noise reporting at its worst.

Luther, the clip is from CSPAN. the reporter I believe is with ABC News.

I voted for Obama and will support him until he effs up but it's clear as two folks said above the White House doesn't have a plan on DADT.

And why do people always say what "they" will "use against" Obama???? The right wing will use anything. They are attacking him over his dog, over the budget, over his wife's arms, over abortion, over did he bow or not to a king .... Gimme a break. Stop holding our rights hostage for least offensive policies. And let's hold the president ACCOUNTABLE to his promises. Obama and his team said he would end the ban. When? How? Why not stop dismissals now? If we're going to wait, how many hundreds more need to be dismissed? These are the most powerful people in the world, surely they have cost/benefit scenarios on all these questions and many more.


is robert gibbs straight?


I don't know what is happening here, I think it's still early and we should withhold judgements (sp?) but we should be concerned. And when the times we will demand that the president keep his promises.

also to cosign what brother Luther said the other day ... rod. thanks for always posting video and transcripts on these stories when you can. It means a lot and we appreciate hearing your opinion (if you have one) but want to be able make up our own minds. too many of these gay blogs (you know which ones) bash and criticize everything obama or his team says or does. give the man some room and let him have it when necessary, not for the hell of it.


You could be onto something Aaron, this is just an issue that I could care less about, and in politcs, you have maybe 3%-5% of the population gay, 40% didn't vote for him, this is not just as easy as it appers IMHO. I'm more interested in other things, like seeing if he can get health care and ENDA passed.

King Drive

I support him 100 percent. I just wish he would do something. He's done nothing but talk about what he's going to do. I want to see something, just one thing.

Dallas Cowboy

Contrast Obama's silence today to his numerous mentions of gays in the primaries. What has changed?

It's still early in Obama's tenure, but his defeaning silence on gay issues of equality up til now is disgusting and disheartening. Whether anyone likes it or not, Obama does show signs of dragging his feet, homophobia and bigotry. It's the same attitude that he demonstrated when he stayed at Rev. Wright's church for 20 years and didn't really have an explanation for his actions other than "he wasn't at church on the days those particular speeches were given."

It's the same sentiment he showed when when he sat in front of the Rick Warren fundies and said "My marriage is sacred because God is in the mix."

An administration can do more than one thing at once. You can act on the economy and discuss issues of gay equality at the same time. After all, the country of Uruguay no less--whose economic situation is likely worse than that of the U.S.--is now taking steps to end its ban on gays in the military.

I have my doubts about Obama doing anything on behalf of gays. Obama comes off as a bit of a bigot himself. I could be wrong; I hope I am, but that's my impression. We just have to keep pushing on these issues and not let him off the hook.


Dallas Cowboy, I do agree, he has to do what he said he was going to do, but, like with everything else, it will take time, the man has not been in office 6 months yet and I for one take him at his word and for crying out loud the guy has some really big issues on his plate right now, but, that seems to be lost or does not matter to some. And, the one thing that has to slow its roll is some of the angry, and, at times rage, hate and sadly race fueled 'debate' that goes on with many gay blogs about what he has not done or won't do, well, at least the non-black ones.


I'm glad that people are grilling the OBAMA administration on gay issues 'DADT'.

Obama could stop the investigations on gays getting kicked out the military but he was told not to coughtnobackbonecough.

Obama has let me down on gay issues. blacks are giving him a pass on these issues only cause of his skin color. if he were just a white man ya'll would be all over him.

Chris Cruz

>>>>"This is just an issue that I could care less about, and in politcs, you have maybe 3%-5% of the population gay, 40% didn't vote for him, this is not just as easy as it appers IMHO."

Okay. What issue do you "care" about? ENDA? Health care? What if Obama does the SAME THING ON ENDA OR HEALTH CARE? What then???? Well you really not care that much either? smh

It's not the specific "issue." Obama and his administration and campaign made many promises and I'll be damned if we're going to give him a pass on everything because he is our first black president. If he backpedals on DADT, he will backpedal on ENDA ("the time isn't right") or something else. We've already seen him backpedal on marriage, torture, surveillance and who knows what is next.

No one said being president was "easy", Luther. But this is the job he wanted and made specific promises to get and many people (such as you) were very vocal in saying how good he would be for our community. I want to see it.

I also voted for Obama. And I am perfectly willing to give him time. But how dare you come on this website ... a black gay blog ... and try to say how few gay people there are ("3-5% of the population") and how many voted for him. Johnson didn't use that rationale ("blacks are only 8% of the population") when he decided to sign the Civil Rights or Voting Rights Acts, NIXON didn't when he signed civil rights legislation. DON'T. GO. THERE. That was shameful. And you are even purposefully lowballing the numbers of gays.

It's not about Obama. It's about US. I thought that was the lesson of his campaign? I'm not holding my rights hostage so Obama can continue to try to play nice with conservatives and wait until a second administration to start getting some things done.


Chris Cruz, he is first and foremost a politician, and, he did like they all did, sold people stuff to get into office he is not a saint or some miracle worker although many seem to think that he and the rest of the ones in DC are. He obviously has fallen out of favor with many gay voters, not me, but to many from the gay blogs I read. All I have to say, is if he does not to what he promised, and, no one knows if he will or will not since he has been in office a whole four months, in 2012, the solution is not to vote for him again. I refuse to get all worked up over gay marriage and that military thing, I have other issues that are more important, although if DADT and DOMA is important to you, by all means call the WH to express your concerns, call your congressional folks and the like to getthem hopping into action as well, but, I don't think its fair to think that all gay men or women are going to put the guy down this quick or think he is going to fix all gay issues overnight.

As for the gay stats, that is easy to find with a google search and 3%-5% of the population is a number that many think is right, since no one knows for sure, and the percentage that voted for McCain/Palin is out there as well, facts, not my numbers.

Chris Cruz


Read my comments. Nowhere edo you see "marriage" or the "Defense of Marriage Act." Very very not cool to put words in my mouth and pretend I was talking about marriage. I NEVER DID.

Back to DADT: I never said it was my "issue." It's actually not...ENDA, hate crimes and health care are more important to me. (And YOU said the same thing, btw.) But if Obama is going to backpedal and break his promise on DADT, he could do the same on ENDA, health care, HIV, education ... take your pick. It's called keeping your word. And yes, Obama is a politician and it's our job to keep him accountable and make him keep his promise.

I don't think people are putting Obama down on this blog. I don't see it. And of course I'm going to give Obama some time. Nothing happens overnight. But not four years and promises of "next" time. If you don't "care" about presidents or politicians keeping promises, or want to help the ENTIRE community, please stand aside. There are many of us who want to see the whole country better for everyone. I was black/Puerto Rican and gay before Obama was president and I will be black/Puerto Rican and gay long, long after he is gone.

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