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22 June 2009


alicia banks

thank you rod!!!

this is so necessary!...

i have been getting hate mail from fools bashing gay parents...

as if gangs and prisons are not filled with the children of hets!!!


Cocoa Rican

What's the story with NYC? We already have one kid...maybe we can change a life - even our own - and adopt.


What a wonderfully positive breath of fresh air! Thank you, Rod.


This is great stuff. I hope the campaign is a smashing success.


I do wish the campaign much success. I'm sure some of those kids in the Castro are gagging to see two black men together!

Now to place the billboard in some black and mixed neighborhoods....

apres moi

Wow. this is needed. I hope this was placed in plain view from the Badlands and Toad Hall, where the Pendulum to used be.


Interestingly, if you really understand the impact HIV/AIDS had on the remaining black gay population in San Francisco, you’ll understand the seeming neglect towards people of color has had in this community. It wasn’t always this way.

Some would have us believe, that HIV/AIDS hasn’t had a significant impact on the African American community. Then, I say, if AIDS hadn’t of happened, then the black gays remaining would have had more opportunities to raise their siblings’ children who were in foster care due to our stupid three-strikes laws from crack cocaine.

In essence, the African American community had an intellectual drain and a resource drain from the AIDS pandemic, and then you couple that with crack cocaine problem that just overwhelmed the community, and poor public policies.

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