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10 June 2009



You go boy! Congratulations Rod, they are right,, this one of the best gay blogs or blogs period. It's certainly one of the ebst written!


Work it out, boy, WORK IT OUT!

It's great to see that YOU were recognized because YOU are doing fantastic work as well. This blog is fabulous, it's the only black gay blog that can effortlessly make the transition from political news to pop culture to porn.


this is a good list. i usually come here several times a day (except thedse last few days when i went through rod withdrawall, lol), same with pam, queerty, joe and towleoad.

very surprising that joe did not make the list. but i'm glad that tool andrew sullivan wasn't mentioned either.

Carter G

The recognition is well deserved. You have earned it. You're the only black man on that list. Wish there were more, but that means a lot.

Congrats Rod.

Greg G

No surprise, this blog is fabulous...but didn't you make the list another year?


i like this list but it's a tad heavy on the gossips. perez is over exposed and driibbles white cum stains on peoples mouths. one of the best blogs??

but good deal on being named.


This is great news rod, but did you think you wouldn't be named? You've written cover stories and columns for the Advocate. It would be criminal to leave you off the list!

But congratulations indeed, I'll be the first to admit I have never heard of almost half of these blogs so I'll be exploring them later tonight.

D. Askew

"Self-described former “television producer-writer-gym-rat-wannabe-novelist” Rod McCullom is the mind behind Rod 2.0, a popular gay news blog. With an emphasis on African-American LGBT issues, McCullom writes about subjects like AIDS rates in Chicago, Maya Angelou campaigning for marriage equality, and the president’s unfulfilled promises to gay Americans. In between all the news, Rod manages to squeeze in a few cheesecake shots of stars like L.L. Cool J. "

Beautiful writeup. Big ups and much more luck in the future!


maazel tov, baby!

Chitown Kev

Congrats Rod, and yeah, I was a little Po'd that Joe Jervis was not on the list, too.


This is great news, Rod. I'm always glad to see when you are getting your props. They are well deserved.


This is wonderful...if anyone deserves the nod, you do. Congrats man and keep up the good work!

JMG's exclusion was very odd. But was anyone surprised Queerty didn't make the list?


I love, love R20 and you really don't toot your own horn enough.

You're really a godsend to the LGBT community and to the black gay community. Rod 2.0 is a great resource, I check it several times daily. I'll admit that I'm po'd when you take the occassional day or two off but that's only because we're spoiled by updates 6 or 7 times a day, lol.

The recognition is well deserved. This blog is great.

Cevin Fisher

rod, this is fabulous news. it's always a pleasure when you and other black sgl bloggers are recognized for the great work that you do.

looking at the list, it's a little disappointing that pam was the only woman who made the list. but i can't think of another lesbian blogger who gets as much heat as pam. possibly jasmyne cannick but she doesn't embrace many gay causes.


Nathan James

Congratulations, Rod, keep it up! My day isn't complete until I've read your blog.

robert moore

Rod I am so glad that you and Pam were recognized.The service you provide to this community is invaluable and so are you keep up the good work!


Rod let me echo some of the sentiments expressed previously. I am ecstatic that Rod 2.0 was recognized by the Advocate. What an honor.

This blog is a daily "must read" and your service is truly commendable. I can't even imagine what life would be like without reading your blog every day.

Sean Beasley

Of course the Advocate named Rod 2.0 to its best blogs.

How could they not? It's. Fabulous.

Congrats Rod baby and keep up the good positive vibes. You're one of the gay "super bloggers" because always reach for the stars. And for that you will always be appreciated.


((tips hat to rod))

so glad to see you made the list, rod. i love your site and love pam's site. thanks for speaking up and out for the community.

Christian Lebeija


Chad Montgomery

Rod, this is fabulous news because you are my favorite blogger...I used to hate these types of lists but now think they are much more balanced now. You and/or Pam are almost recognized as being at the top of the class.

Thanks for always making my day. :)


good deal on making the list, rod. you always make the black gay/sgl community very proud.

apres moi

Congrats and I love how you probably piss off Dan Savage. I live in Seattle and used to be a fan of his until he unapologeticly started to blame blacks for Prop 8's passing into law.


Sorry I'm joining the conversation a little late but in this case better late than never...Rod I am so very pleased you made this list. I have said it before, and will say it again that your blog is the bizness. You have seriously raised the bar for black LGBT visibility and are serving it. Serving up some fierceness with some excellent writing, on point analysis and a great mix of stories.

Oh and if you read the list, haven't you contributed/been associated with several other top blogs? Gawker, Huffington Post, Popnography? All the cool kids know each other, lol.

Good luck and thanks for making us proud!

Danny Rivera

I am sure Rod is pissing off Dan Savage and Andrew Sullivan, he let them have it over Prop 8. Oh and where is Miss Sullivan? Not on the list.

Many congrats Rod and you deserve this recognition. I am glad you posted it, many times you are too humble. Keep being "you" and doing what you do.

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