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22 June 2009




I am so glad glad I did not meet him

This is a MF'ing party!
And it didnt end up very well!


i won't even lie, i am so glad my partying days are over. five or six years ago, i would be right there with those puerto rican hustlers partying and sexing all weekend. not very cute in the long room.

thank you for showing these videos and the warnings! please be careful! please! you do not know what happen with this man after the video was off, you see they are doing drugs and having sex on camera. watch out for these types!



You and me both Deveraux. And thanks for being honest. Tina wasn't my scene but I cleaned up my act loooong ago.

This is very scary...because it shows you they were willing to do anything for a buck. I doubt they were with this older, heavy white guy for free no strings attached "fun" ! and he i guess wanted to be taped too!

Thank you so much, Rod. And looking at that week in review, I don't know how you, Andy or Pam do it, but you post a helluva lot of good stuff. Daps.

Andre H

yep, that looks like him alright


i have no words but "damn", when you see crazy,, you better recognize and don't let them in. but many people like the thrill of these bad boys and webcam sex artists. they get off on the thrill and danger.


Yea this is weird and they are definitely on something.Probably why he can't get hard.What is thing he is smoking in the beginning?


Sad ... I watched a few minutes and that was enough. Once he pulled the pipe out and I ffwd and saw all those guys... pathetically desperate tricks... the older queen ...watching straight porn like a low budget homothug movie.. just skeezy on so many levels. The exact type of people I would expect to rob you for money or to get money for some drugs. No ma'am no thank you, I see that and get turned off but others like the excitement of that skeezy bs.


I said this yesterday about papi and hate to say it but sometimes teh sexy ones are teh crazy.


@D: Dawg I was thinking same thing yesterday! Crazy is as crazy does and this mofo is out thurr'

Sean Beasley

What Jared said.

Sexual and freaky but they seem ...bored?

Oh and I have had one very bad A4A hookup. I learned my lesson and am very grateful to have my health and life! This was some years ago but I cannot emphasize enough to please be CAREFUL when you play. And please be wary of these party favors boyz!!


has the link been taken down?


I followed the link and on his myspace page he advertises something for $1400 but does not make it clear what it is.

Lord I tell you. I see many hispanic guys in the gym that will cruise the you know what out of you but as soon as you say "hello" all of a sudden fear takes them completely over. A fear of "you weren't suppose to pick up on my cruising you" type look overcomes them. Or should I say the ones who clearly have psychological problems. That is my clue to leave this lonely little boy alone. It looks good but you are not gods gift to gay men.

I see the same in all races but it seems to happen more with them than others, though I do treasure my latin friends that I have kept over the years and the new ones I meant that aren't like that.

Let's face it folks. We now have a situation on our hands where the police have special units now to do nothing but focus on internet sex crimes. A lot of lonely people are going to become victims inviting what they think is Francois Sagat's clone over to their house only to discover they have allowed the worst nightmare of their life into their home.

A personality comes with that 12 inch "dreamboat" that you have given your address to while smoking or drinking whatever. Imagine if the piece shows up just as blitzed as you are and the personalities don't match up.

This guys myspace page has hustler written all over it. As another poster pointed out even if it is shut down, which is not the way to go, they will only find somewhere else to do their dirt. This is sad indeed but rest assured by the middle of next month there will be no less than 5 more across the country that will go unreported.

I'm Just Sayin'

Apparently I'm missing it..Where is the link?


@??....Look again at the article. The link is there. The only thing missing is the dot com behind the address.

It is another site that if printed it would be an unpaid advertisement and remember, regardless if how much we ALL love rod, he is in business here.

But look again. It is there. 2nd paragraph. Third sentence.

Tommy Ross

No, I think something happpened to the post. Earlier there were links and more screen captures and all the "Some More" stories stuff. I saw the video at 5 or 6 this morning.

Rod, did you have your coffee dear...I think you deleted the second part of post lol

Rod Mc

@ I'm Just Sayin and Gurlene:

The post has been fixed. The entire post with the additional screen captures and link was posted at 2AM. There were some edits made at 5 or 5:30 and that is probably when I accidentally deleted the second half.

I'm sorry that some of you think I would tease a video or link and not share. I'm also surprised no one emailed to let me know the second half of the post was obviously missing. -RM


Thank you so much for pointing out whose DVD's the black guys was featured in.

Your hispanic readers with no meaning in their lives would be calling for my head on a platter had I have told the truth about him.


He may look "good", but something was just off about him from his photos on MySpace. He's another one of those guys I just look at like "whatever" and keep it moving. Guess I'm just not that caught up on looks like most guys are...


We will probably never know the full story of what happened. We will not learn the whole truth about the man that was killed. I'm not blaming the victim, but there are always three sides to a story -- his side, her side, and what really happened. If you have to lure a guy in with money and drugs, then you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.


@ kayman

But aren't we all somewhat caught up on looks? Just by you saying that he's another one of those guys you look at like "whatever", you have made a decision based on looks. Some people are into the slim dudes and some are into the muscle boys, but I prefer the "juicy" guys with solid firm legs, a full shaped fat ass, and a little meat on his bones. And full thick kissable lips don't hurt either. Does that mean that I am caught up on looks? Maybe, but is that necessarily wrong? Just a couple of weeks ago, I received a computer monitor. When I answered the door, the delivery guy had the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen on a brotha. I lost my train of thought for a few seconds. I think he recognized that and he let off a quiet and polite laugh that brought me back to reality. I'm not necessarily into the color of someone's eyes, but yet I was awestruck by them. Sometimes you are attracted to people without even thinking about it. When people say they aren't into the bad boy type or pretty boy type, they are still into something. A good number of the serial killers out there are just normal and nice looking people. But those looks have disarmed countless victims because they don't appear to be threatening. After all, how many people would go with someone who looks like a crazed maniac? Most people formulate first impressions of people based on the person's looks. Isn't that why job seekers are told to dress to impress? Studies show that tall and handsome people have a leg up on the rest of us. Kayman, I know what you are saying, but I'm sure even you are caught up on looks in your own special way.


Ravenback, what I'm saying is that I don't base my desire to interact with a dude solely on how good looking a guy is. A number of dynamics including conversation, mindset, and body language as my way of determining whether or not I want to deal with a guy.

In other words, I don't do random internet hook-ups.


Kayman, I have never done internet hook-ups, ads, or phone connections.

Honut SInti

I agree that the murder is an awful tragedy. My heart goes out to the victim's family. Many respondents here have also made some good observations.

What follows is a post from another blog regarding this tragedy that, in my opinion, warrants repeating since it puts flesh on the often elusive figure, "Missed Common Sense".

Note: The post is a little long.

Nereyev wrote:

1. Don't treat other guys like pieces of meat. Spend some time (preferably, a couple of days) with them before going to bed. Go to movies, go out to dinner, take a walk in the park...

2. Pay attention to what the guy says: if all he is interested in is how much you earn, where you work, how much your apartment cost, what is your salary, etc. instead of asking you what you like in a guy or what movies you have seen recently - be extra cautious.

3. Make sure that the guy you are inviting home is not physically stronger than yourself.

4. Make sure the guy doesn't have an empty backpack or a bag with him. That would indicate that he wants to rob you.

5. Make sure that you have the guys's phone number and spoke to him after calling that number. Write down the number and hide it from him.

6. If you are a middle-aged average looking guy and some young, muscular, extremely attractive guy is passionately interested in you - be doubtful. If it's too good to be true, its too good to be true.

7. Hide all the knives, ropes and other things that an invited stranger can use to hurt you.

8. If you are under physical attack in your own home - make as much noise as possible to alarm neighbors or throw a chair into the window: better to break up a window than to end up dead. Robbers and killers are afraid of noise.

9. Don't drink alcohol, water or anything that can be tampered with while you are in a bathroom. Don't use drugs during an encounter. Don't show any money or valuables to the guest. Don't let him tie you up or put handcuffs on you, even as a joke.

10. If the guy doesn't seem to be horny and doesn't have an erection at any point - he might be a straight guy wanting to murder or to rob you.

11. If the guy has tattoos that don't seem to be decorative but rather symbolic (gang-related) - be careful.

12. If the guy is more interested in your furniture, paintings, valuables, etc. instead of looking mostly at you - be alarmed.

Should I go on?


13. If the guy came in his own car, search the trunk to see if he has any duct tape, rope, surgical tools, or guns in there. He could be planning some extracirricular activities.

14. Carry a .357 Magnum in your waistband just in case. If he notices a bulge in your pants, just tell him that you are excited to see him.


15. Trust your instincts. If you get a bad vibe from him, walk away. Don't let good looks or a hot body block what you are feeling. There's always another dude out there.


Ok..We get it..Be careful..

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