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02 June 2009


King Drive

This is great news. My family lives in that ward in Chicago and knows the pastor. He is no friend to our community.



Chitown Kev

Chicago politics at its' finest.
This is part of the tradeoff for the Pride Campus idea proposed by Arne Duncan but put on hold indefintely reportedly by a few black and Latino ministers (the number that I've heard was six).

Daley is forever trying to balance the needs and concerns of various constituencies.

And line the pockets of his cronies, of course.

Kevin Perez

The pastor is a douche.

What about gay and lesbian students being harrased by guys AND girls for not being "normal" or conforming to gender norms or because they've being raised by their parents to do so. Funny how LGBT must always take the role of the boogeyman IN the church while poor, sweet, God-fearing Heteroseuxals are the "victims". Give me a break. My disdain for my community's homophobia grow daily when I read BS like this!


Well, it's always good to hear when an anti-gay person is thwarted because of their views. Keep them in the church and don't let them anywhere near government.


score one for the LGBT community. the bit about the virgin girl being harassed for sex, was the lamest protest oppose to any LGBT issue. send her ass to and all girl school if they are so concern. Chi-town would bennefit if it had a few same sex gender school.



chile pleez

girl i had her


Where is it that Daley has ruled out De Jesus as a possible replacement? The article only states that Hector is a temporary fill-in until Dick appoints someone. Unless I'm missing something, this guy is still a candidate!

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