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18 June 2009



I live in Seattle, where we really can't stand him here. He was complaining to the administrators of his kids' high school about the fact that they have a GLBTC group at the high school. In addition to that, he basically cajoled MS into not supporting a state anti-discrimination bill, which MS later admitted was a huge mistake. He's pretty much hated here locally by a lot of people.


Why won't these Black pastors direct their FULL attention to OTHER issues that are DESTROYING the Black image and community, such as the high school drop out rates amongst Black youth. My desire to marry my future husband should be of no concern to them. These GIRLS need to sit down, hymn a tune, and mind their damn business. I am so tired of them crowing about gay marriage in their negrodian DISTASTEFUL garb.


Oh, shoot. Wrong post!

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