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18 June 2009


Kevin Perez

Here's something for all of you to think about:

What sane person of color, down South, 1950s and 1960s, before the Stonewall riots, let alone during the Jim Crow era, would be open about their sexuality? Especially in a region where unless you're White, heterosexual, Christian, white trash/middle class, you're beneath everyone else and your existence is worth NOTHING.

Do any of these heterosexual DOUCHEBAGS ever take the consideration that Black LGBTs during Civil Rights movement were quiet about their sexuality AT THE RISK being further looked down upon by larger society, as well as wanting to stay A LIVE in harsh, hateful, violent environment where your skin color is already used against you.

Black Heteros should get over the fact they themselves may have had it less worse than their LGBT kin. A heterosexual Black man may have gone through Hell but it's nothing compared to a openly gay flamboyant Black man had to deal with and neither is nothing compared to a Black woman who is just not a female but a female with physical disabilties and just happens to be a lesbian.

I'm sure people like that existed as well. Makes you wonder why these morons keep insisting its a choice. Being looked down by the masses and including your own "people", you "choose" to further reduced to the lowest denominator? Get the f*ck out of here.

I wonder how stupid many folk sound when they argue about "choice" and "conversion".


"this is what I mean by the photo being disrespectful and help create a disrespectful atmosphere"

NN, bless your "conflicted" heart, but a mere photo didnt set off the tone. This "bishop" set off the tone by marching against high school gays and lesbians who were brave enough to come out. And he started this episode with his locker room talk.

I am sorry but you sound like a self hater. When straight men get together, all they talk is women and puzzy. It is no different with gay men, black or white, surely you see that.

I know you and some other church queens get the vapors too when you see some long and strong football players with their foot longs flapping in the gym locker rooms right?

Derrick from Philly


Actually, the Empress Bessie behaved more "gay" than other bisexuals of her time. She not only had gay love/sex affairs, she also socialized "gay"--known to hang out in gay circles with gay people. Like many gay women of her time, she kept a man around....the last one (common-law husband) she really loved as much as she loved her female partners.

But Gertrude Ma' Rainey, Ethel Waters, Alberta Hunter, Mabel Mercer, Big Mama Thornton--GAY!


You tone and words are blasphemous. And yes I have seen many "long and strong" men in my life. Years ago i would jump "on" it, now I pray for strength. What do you DO?

What is this black gay fascination with "booty" and tongues? Don't you want to be normal?


Rod, thank you for this post, but thank you for the picture accompanying it even more. Hilarious!! NN: Rod is not disrespecting the 'good' reverend. He's disrespecting himself with his ignorant and hateful message. I mean, what kind of Man of God opposing anti-bullying legislation because it would protect LGBT kids? Disgusting. And, I too am sick of these Black Homophobes becoming the face of homophobia in America. The straight Black community has more than enough of it's own problems that they should be addressing.

alicia banks

what the hell is in the water that church folks are drinking???

they have stepped up the gaybashing games to include the nfl????

while tons of illiterate teens will be unemployed and wilding and sexing all summer no less...



@ NN:

"I have seen many "long and strong" men in my life. Years ago i would jump "on" it, now I pray for strength. What do you DO?"

I JUMP on it and PRAY I can handle it!


Unless you naturally feel about the yoni the way you still about the lingam ("praying for strength" when a choice possessor of it passes by), you will never be normal, no matter how much you pray. God made you the way you are and there is nothing wrong with it.
(Excuse the Sanskrit terms but I am trying to avoid being vulgar.)

Derrick from Philly

What is this black gay fascination with "booty" and tongues?"

Oh, NN, you're such a gentle soul--you haven't seen any straight pornography, have you? Dear Heart, they do more "salad tossin'" than all of us homos put together. Hell, they even have women doing it to men now--just ask these "working girls" (street girls & call girls) what the real money-making sex act is nowadays....ask Brian Pumper.

"Don't you want to be normal?"

Nope, never....not even when I was a nappy-headed little queen swishin' the streets of North Philly--trying to walk like Joan Crawford in "Flamingo Road". Yes, I was/am one of the MINORITY of gay males that you DON'T want in the locker room.


NN, sorry but I am normal. this is the way the Lord made me . And you too.

Baltimore Femme

....Not even when I was a nappy-headed little queen swishin' the streets of North Philly--trying to walk like Joan Crawford in "Flamingo Road"...

Work Derrick! Work!


I really hope you find your destiny and acceptance. It sounds like you are getting cues from the fundamentalists, so be careful what messages and info you choose as facts. There are countless members of the lgbt community that accept their sexual orientation as well as their walk in Christ. Please don't believe the hype that the two don't mix.

And yes Bessie was. "Many bisexual and lesbian black women, including Bessie Smith, Gladys Bently, Jackie "Moms" Mabley, Alberta Hunter, Gertrude "Ma" Rainey, Josephine Baker and Ethel Waters found similar advantages in the show business life."



Otis and Derrick..

I see and stand corrected on Bessie Smith. I didnt know some black gays were flauntin' their sexuality back then.

Speaking of flauntin, "a nappy-headed little queen swishin' the streets", you sound proud??

And yes I have seen Derrick Pumper :)



That's funny, the last time I spoke to a person of color who was gay we talked about, sports, his job as an actuarial, travel, and how the Obama Administration was setting a dangerous precedent by taking over GM. Next time you talk to some gay folks, you should do it outside of a bar?


Why did you guys and gals do it? You allowed NN to hijack this conversation. The best thing would have been to ignore him. We've seen him on here before and doing the exact same thing. Get a new act NN, because your current one has gotten as brittle as an expired condom. I know you will probably respond with your wit and intellect, but I've said all that I needed to say. I pity you.



I agree with Bill. If you had a few conversations with "real" black LGBTs ... not just the bitter queens in bars or closet church choirmasters ... you might learn a thing or three.


aiight NN your 15min are up... You are dismissed.

Lang B.

NN said he has to pray for strength when placed in a potential sexual situation that comes natural to him??? Sigh. When NN sees women does he pray for the ability to trick his mind into being attracted to them? Does NN just stay in sexual limbo? Denial is the biggest sin in my eyes.

BTW, WHAT is normal- really? When so many "straight" men's gay affairs come OUT in the news, I ask again what is NORMAL?

Anthony in Nashville

I ignored this story earlier.

When I came back to the site I was wondering why it had so many comments.

It is a trip up in here! You never know what direction a post is going to go into.


This thread has become a mess, and further evidence for why I do not deal with church queens and their desires to be "normal." it usually includes hating on (and looking down on) other gay men, defending bigoted leaders, believing that nobody knows they're gay (they're trying to be "normal" afterall), and all the while trolling for d**k.

I do apologize, NN, if you were confused by my use of the term church queen. I meant no offense. It os obvious that You do know the word. That word happens to be self-hate.


Y'all are a hot mess!


Wow, this ignorance is exactly what Martin Luther King Jr & many well informed persons who have help open the doors for us during the civil rights era was completely against.

I find that fascinating that many black church leaders and black people as whole like to mention everything component about what the civil rights era meant, but love to leave out that even then gay rights was apart of the struggle that needed to be equalized for us all to be one.


why? because he looks like stepinfetchit? well, he is stepinfetchit.


"Has a homosexual ever been considered 3/5ths of a person?"

Considering current marriage laws in most of the US, I'd say yes.


Honestly, I'm surprised he's still alive. He supposedly has cancer and is receiving treatment.

A video of him with a reporter from a local newspaper -


his voice justifies the photo

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