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18 June 2009



LOLMAO, he looks like such a queen in that photo. The tool.


The WASHINGTON POST published this? This screed reads like something World Net Daily would publish. Pathetic smh


thankfully, he's apart of the dying breed.


it is always frustrating when black pastors are the most vociferous opponents of gay rights. i don't feel that it stereotypes the whole community, but it helps to spread the meme that all gays are white and wealthy. there are many black gays, lesbians and transgenders in the hood and suburbs and miss hutcherson damn well knows this.

what a pharisee.


I saw this closet case on MSNBC. He is such an evil and hateful old mofo. And I am sure he has maany stories about those locker rooms. Probably the biggest, I mean the biggest closet case.

Derrick from Philly

"...but it helps to spread the meme that all gays are white and wealthy."

You're absolutely right, Dameion. And both black and white gays cannot allow that to happen. Black gays must remind black homophobes that when they bash gay people they are talking about us, and we must remind white gay people that when they respond to black homophobes with generalized black-bashing--that they are talking about us.

The lying "bishop" knows full well that the type of gay men who are life-long athletes have total control over themselves in the locker room (just like military gays). They've been in locker rooms since they were ten or eleven years old. The sight of his big hairy azz wasn't going to cause a gay pro-player to "pop a hardy". Well, I don't know if the "bishop" has a hairy one...but it's big.


Chitown Kev here

Pathetic and pitiful.

And I guess the bishop ain't talking about the ones in the church that aint changed from being gay one bit. SMH

Lang B.

KMARK- Is he part of a dying breed? Let's hope.

That minstrel minister must realize that a proven athlete has focus regardless of gender attraction what a waste of publication space.

I am sure the "straight" athletes at random moments can't wait for the game to end so they can get their tools sucked by their wives or girlfriends etc.

UGH! x 10


This is such bull and this so called reverend is shoveling it by the ton. He has been in more than enough locker rooms and knows friggin' well there are gay, bi and DL men in sports. Just because they weren't checking for his ugly azz doesn't mean they werent there. I am sure the boys on the football teams had some fierce parties back in the 70s. I know I did with a few football players in DC...


this was a very disgusting oped and washington post should be ashamed


Rod...that photo is meant to embarrass Rev. Hutchinson but he was caught in mid gesture...please use a more respectful photo when dealing with a man of god.


NN, He needs to really be a Man of God first... Sorry, but he is falling short.


Maybe that was a bit harsh.

Earl FF

@ NN:


That was him, he was in public. I can't believe this,. how about Hutcherson be more respectful toward gay people and all people?

We're talking about our rights and jobs and discrimination. You want a better photo for this closet case. Think about that one, sweety.

Derrick from Philly


you're joking, right? Nobody told the "bishop" to pose like he's getting ready to "toss salad" on some booty even bigger than his.


Speaking of closet cases, welcome back NN!

And Justsoukno, you were absolutely right. This man of God is saying there were no homosexuals who rode on the back of the bus. That is a lie. We know that is a lie. They might not have been out and this was before Stonewall but there were many black LGBTs in the south, closeted of course for most part, but they were still same gender loving. Or they were a few out like Rustin.

This man is a disgrace to the cloth.



Oh, never mind!


No "Derrick" I am not joking.And this is the type of sexualized atmosphere the reverend is refering to. When gay men (especially black gay men) get together all they can talk about is sex.

I am not a "closet case" but have struggled with own demons...but I know for afact this reverend is married and has children. I doubt he is in anyone's closet.


There are plenty of gay men in sports, just in the closet. This ole coot knows this and then some. I am sure back in the day he met a few on the touchdown line or the lockerrooms for a skirmish. Fool.


@ NN:

Just curious, are you gay or ex-gay or "conflicted"? No harm, just trying to understand where you are coming from is all.


NN: The Reverend Hutcherson is in Satan’s closet.

Are you in there with him?


This "man of God" is not acting as if he understands God. The main theme to all of God's words is LOVE. Love thy neighbors, love thy enemies, love the sinner even if you hate the sin. The idea that this person feels it is alright to speak in terms of exclusion and hate shows he has no real understanding of God's principles.

@NN - I wish you the best on your road to acceptance and self-love. Understand though that speech that is exclusionary and hateful should not be coming from this man's mouth. This is a sexual/cultural war. Many black gays fought and died for black/gay/human rights. To exclude their existance and their work is no very loving, and also shows his lack of knowledge of history and refusal to look and learn "our" history. You should learn "our/your" black gay history. Knowledge is power and will help you. Start with Bayard Rustin, Ruth Ellis, Bessie Smith, Billy Strayhorn, and James Baldwin. There are many black & gay S/Heroes that got us to where we are as black people and as gay people. And none of this has to do with sex, but everything to do with sexual orientation.


I don't know which is worse: blacks who spout homophobia, white gays who attempt to use the Civil Rights movement yet are clueless of it, or black gays who remain closeted and/or supportive of hatemongers.

All three are on display in this post and the comments. The "bishop" is a fool, he uses the arguments that white gays make against themselves (and older black folks really like those types of arguments), and then NN the church queen chimes in with his ringing support of that crazy hatemonger. I hope the next time you shout in church you get true deliverance and walk out the door and into honesty and self acceptance.

Derrick from Philly


you fascinate me. I must admit that even though you post statements that are incendiary on a gay issues blog, you rarely (maybe never) resort to nasty personal attack or name-calling. THanks.

But look, it was the "bishop" who "sexualized" the issue of gay pro athletes in the locker room. I just took his cue.


It doesn't matter what I am or am not. I am not a "church queen" but I do know the Word. I have been to clubs, had gay sex and partied and that is not the life for me. I want to settle down.

I am trying to accept what my destiny should be, how about YOU?

Diva 1961...
Bessie Smith was not gay, sorry, we cant claim everyone is/was gay.

See this is what I mean by the photo being disrespectful and help create a disrespectful atmosphere.

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