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24 June 2009



All through my wild days
My mad existence
I kept my promise
Don't keep your distance!!!

I love it, lol!


Let me get this straight? This lying mofo is blaming the "pressure" from the federal stimulus package? Sheeeeet, sounds loiek hie had his own little stimulus in Argengtina lol



I hate to say it but I am really enjoying watching the GOP crash and burn from with in!!


I honestly would like to know what Bill Clinton thinks when he hears about these downfalls within the Republican party. Especially from the same members of the party that tried to crucify him '98

Kevin Perez

I would love to visit Argentina. That's all I have to say about this. I think I might watch Evita now....


I'm so tired of these hypocrites. When will they learn.


Bill Clinton gets impeached but the republican house speaker had to resign because of the same thing.

Don't you just love arrogant people who cut their own hypocritical throats and will even supply the knife.


...I hope we agree that Patti LuPone is better on the balcony than Madonna...

Even past the hypocritical stuff (why is he allowed to destroy a marriage and I cannot enter into one?), this man left his job as the leader of a state for several days to cavort with a woman. That is just plain wrong and dangerous. Repubs are showing again and again that they simply are not concerned with being leaders. No wonder they are where they are...

What will Mr. Steele do with this?


these hypocrites are a MFing mess.
and you're right Gurlene they impeached Bill but half of the Republicans leading impeachment were adulterers too.

oh and of course they are all antigay and homophobes.

one man, one women, one argentian piece on the side ..


Another bigoted hypocrite bites the dust!

Let's make sure the "other women" is a woman and not a man!

S. Palin in Wasilla, Alaska

That's two down and now two to go!!
I'll see you soon, Mitt & Tim!


How long until a "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" Sanford Remix?


oh and whats really pathetic is the wife has known for six months and she announced she is standing by him


Who doesn't cheat on their wife?


I just love how Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow are kicking his you-know-what all over the place. He has been disemboweled. The only thing of sympathy that I'll say is that I feel for the wife and four young sons. They didn't ask for this.

King Drive

Breaking news: GOP now instituting new rule, limits confessions of adultery to two Republicans per month!



D. Askew

He spends more time addressing and apologizing to the bimbo than his wife and sons. What a dirtbag. Then he spent the time crying over his own problems rather than worrying about his 4 children fatherless on Father's Day.

Earl FF

"He also announced that he would be resigning as head of the Republican Governors Association"

He should be resigning as Governor of South Carolina too!


An affair is one thing but to ditch his family, state and staff for Fathers Day weekend to use a state vehicle to drive to an airport for a secret trip to Argentina for an affair is a whole thing entirely. That part about using a state vehicle improperly could result in an ethics probe. I don't think an affair alone, or even lying about it, is terminable offense but what Sanford did should be -- how can any state officials trust him now?


You should read some of the emails he sent to Maria (the other woman). He was the mack.


something tells me since this clown needed to travel to another continent for a pickle tickle, it involved manmeat and his rear end, not a woman as he has claimed.

Chris Cruz

Mr. Marriage between a man and woman, Mr. Family values, GOIN' TO ARGENTINE FOR A BOOTY CALL, Isn't this special . .

The only thing that could make me happier about this HYPOCRITE cheating on his wife is if he were cheating with a GAY MAN. .

Who will call for Sanford's RESIGNATION??

Chris Cruz

@ Ravenback: I read some of those and cannot believe it only came out now.


I give the Republicans two days before they are applauding Sanford like they did with Ensign.

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