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17 June 2009


Danny Rivera

Thanks for emerging from your safe undisclosed location, Barney! But we're not an ATM and know we have been had!

But thanks for the ENDA news, that is promising. Let's see if the White House lets that move forward. I'm guessing they won't but we'll see ...

Danny Rivera

Oh and where are all the people who claim they are so interested in ENDA and job discrimination. It's been almost three hours and not one comment. Hmmmm.


To those of you said the gay activists and bloggers were whining or screaming, IN YOUR FACE! This is what happens when you apply a little pressure. It goes a long way!

Frank said last month that he wouldn't introduce ENDA until next years and after hate crimes passed. Now he is pushing up ENDA. Wonder why ...

Good deal, guys


Chitown Kev here

Yes, Danny, we need to keep the pressure up. Only Congressional passage and Presidential signature will suffice.

And Obama or Holder (preferably Obama, at this point) need to apologize for that filthy brief and withdraw it.

Oh, and Barney Frank, please. At least Polis addressed some specifics and voiced his outrage in his statement.

Baltimore Femme

It's a start. I'm all loving LOVING the fact that all this gay outrage made these jellyfish politicians' knees wobble.


It didn't take Barney any time for him to whip this up and introduce important legislation once his precious fundraiser was threatened.


You threaten to cut off the purse strings and all of a sudden the Democrats start to sit up and pay attention. I hope the protest continues of the fundraiser and other events until something meaningful is actually SIGNED.


I can understand Barney's stand on the fundraiser boycott -- he's a politician and money is their life blood. I still say, the current sudden move to action proves that we need to keep the pressure up -- and especially hold onto our wallets!

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