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01 June 2009



Oh how noble. NOW Cheney supports marriage and gay rights. But of course he is not running for office.


"Watch the former vice-president who approved torture, waterboarding and warrantless surveillance "endorse" same-sex marriage. Cheney says nothing about DOMA so perhaps his neo-conservative largesse only extends to marriage and civil unions at the state level"

Work it Rod. Werk!

Cheney isn't fooling anyone. A coincidence he comes out with this on June 1 the same day our president will issue his statements on gay pride? I think not!


I thought he came out for 'states rights' more than gay marriage as he knows good and well that most states in this backwards country would vote no on the issue if on the ballot, which is why no one's civil rights should be put up for the vote.

GOP+states rights=hate enshrined in the law.

And why is he saying this now?


I guess he does common sense after all...


And he says this now .... why?

But what a pickle that Darth Vader is now more progressive on marriage than many Democrats and the president. Not very good.


"Something we've lived with for a long time"

Big Dick Cheney says this after acknowledging one of his daughters is gay. Like it's a disease or something.

Bite me MFer!

Former COGIC

Do you really think Darth Cheney supports marriage equality?

He says any couple should be about to 'make a union.' He never said 'marriage' so i don't know how Mary Cheney feels about that, tho I doubt any hospital would stop her from making a decision for her partner. But of course Dick and W are no longer in office ruining teh country, bashing gays and kissing evangelical azz.

Oh yeah and good deal putting "endorse" in quotes. Yeah Dick, whatever, thanks!


What a shame that when he was in power and really had the chance to do something admirable in support of gay marriage, he chose not too. That must make his daughter feel really loved and valued. Shame on him and shame on his daughter for not been much more vociferous when her father was VP. All that's left is to hope that he can begin to persuade his fellow bigoted politicians to see sense and come out in supporting of gay marriage.


No Thank You Dick Cheney!

alicia banks

only because his own lesbian daughter and her wife have melted his icy hatreds with a new grandbaby...

funny how gaybashers change when they actually know gay kin

too much
too little
too late


Don't give him too much credit.

Him and Carl Rowe made sure there were gay ballots on every state in the midwest to make sure Bush won aganist Kerry in 2004 election.

he is too little too late


*gay marriage ballots

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