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24 June 2009



i8 suppose the gay family member is 21st century equivalent of "some of my best friends"..


That's a fine way of showing your family members you care for them. With family like that...

And then the "man of god" rants against them at church. smh

alicia banks

what a hypocrite!

thanks for exposing him rod!

he may not have completely dodged that strong gay gene within his siblings...

as always,the most rabid gaybashers are gay

maybe we can look for him in
"outrage II"...


One day he'll get exposed too.

Nathan James

No vote on gay marriage today. NY Senate adjourned without taking up the bill. GOP refused to attend, say they want binding arbitration on June 8 coup. Gov. Paterson said to be smoke-from-the-ears fuming. So am I.

Rod Mc

@ Nathan:

Yeah, I saw that. I expected as much, which is why I didnt push the story. -RM

DW Jazzlover

During the poignant rendition of Charles Aznavour's drag-queen ballad, "What Makes a Man a Man?", Lynn turned to his friend and saw that he was choked up. 'Diaz was in tears,'

I think that says it all!!!
Thanks Rod


I'd hate to see how he'd react to "New York, New York"!!


I would like to hear the two gay brothers speak truthfully about whether Sen. Diaz is homophobic or not.

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