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19 June 2009




D. Askew

Don't sleep on young Mr. Evan Ross! He has chosen some very quirky roles. And how cool is it that a young black actor can play gay and appreciate a transgender character.


Never heard of this new film but I'd like to see it. I'ma big fan of Evan and plus he is such a cutey.

G Peas

Looks interesting. Shame they hired a woman to play a pre-op transgender character -- I can think of several young black gay actors who could've done the role justice....


@ G Peas:

Out of curiousity, who are you thinking of?

I can't really think of anyone unless you want the character to have a hard masculine edge. A pre-op transgender would ideally look female right?

Baltimore Femme

kerry washington doesn't bother me. true, i know about three or four girls from the hood who they could have cast for femme realness, but this is hollywood. and kerry is looking like she can clown in a few of these scenes and there is some tea. did you see her neck?

i want to see this movie stat. when does it come out?

oh and no offense, i would rather have a girl or a trans girl play a transgender role, not a gay man. but i would also like to know what 'black gay actors' could play a transgender working girl with some realness?


I have no problem with a woman playing a transgendered role. With the dearth of acting roles for Black women in Hollywood, I welcome whenever a Black woman can get a role.

Lady T

rod, u probably don't hear this enough but thanks for the "t" coverage. to many of our gay brothas just don't get it.


Those Ross kids continue to impress. They could have easily went the Hilton, Kardashian, Jenner route. But all have been doing great work and seem like good "kids". And don't sleep on Miss Ross herself. TVone has been airing her movie Out Of Darkness and she was excellent!


I am seriously loving Ms. Washington taking on this role indeed.

I believe that the Transgender community would celebrating a woman taking on the role, which honors their journey, as opposed to a "MAN PLAYING A WOMAN." Our transistahs are women on a journey and this is HOT for Kerry to take a role with, what I am sure, some bite to it. Our transsistahs are WOMEN!!! So as much as I would love to see some black gay actors working, I don't want to see them acting like a woman when they are not. It's an insult to the Transcommunity at large.

As for Mr. Ross, I love him. Its odd how he seems to be growing in front of us as an actor but time isn't showing up on his face. When he has some age and character TO ADD TO THAT BRILLIANT GIFT OF US, Evan Ross is going to be a force of nature! His LEAD role, when it really comes, is going to be the truth!

alicia banks


i love him!

he is a gifted sctor ...just like his mom


Honut SInti

What irony! A child of Diane Ross (the diva dragged through history) in a movie with a central transgender character. Someone is up yonder in the heavens snapping their fingers and looking down yelling "Fierce!"


Kerry is straight from the Boogie Down, so she has no doubt come in contact with a couple of femme queens. I can't wait to see her portrayal. She is a great actress that studies her roles meticulously before actual performance. I wish the movie focused on her entirely. I could do without the others.

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