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03 June 2009



**waving fan***

You'd better testify Rev Kev!

What a fabulous inspiration for pride! I love it, I love it! And yes, I appreciate this online because everyone can get at it (and free!) but I would live to see this in a book! And one for every major city, why not?

Thank you Tristan Cabello! I am just leaving the cube farm and will enjoy your archive with a beautiful glass of pinot grigio.

Rod you are lettin' the queens have it. I love the diversity of this effin' site :)


Dear Tristan Cabello,

You created an outstanding exhibit. This should be celebrated and cherished.

Congratulations and thank you for making my pride!

Born and raised in Bronzeville
Graduate of Dusable High School '85


this exhibit is phenomenal.

'nuff said


Wunderbar! Clicking link now, can't wait to see the whole exhibit! Great post Rod! Thanks!-QH

Christian Lebeija

that picture at top says it all. the "children" have been out and proud for decades, my sistahs and aunts have told me for years. now you can see for yourself, trust and believe!

it's only in recent times we went back in the closet.

i am "devouring" this history of QUEER bronzeville. that is what they called it back then and that brings everybody under the umbrella! i love it that my "t" sistahs were reppin' hard back in the day.

werk rod, werk!

alicia banks



i will read this asap

chi-town homie!


some of dude looks like obama. no wonder there are so many gay rumors about him.


Thanks for posting this, Rod. The stuff from the ’10s and ’20s is particularly fascinating.

What a treat, too, to see videos of people I haven’t talked to in years!


Decades later and (black) gays still aren't liberated will this be true in 2050?


awesome post!

Anthony in Nashville

Like Rod said, this is a fascinating piece of history.

We need to know more about how black LGBTs lived in previous eras, so that we may use their experiences to improve our current situation.


blacks wake up and understand what you read.....stop jumping on the band wagon of explotation??

Is this a new trend? DO NOT leave screen names with question marks or symbols. I gave you a s/n based on your email. Use this or make a new one. -RM

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