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22 June 2009



--->One person who received the invitation said the White House was billing the event as a celebration, akin to the festive affairs the administration holds on St. Patrick’s Day or Cinco de Mayo.

So does that mean the gays will put on silly hats and get drunk?


Oh really? A cocktail party? How very fabulous!

and when they are suggesting the attendees bring a significant other, do you smell photo opp? remember ellen and anne heche holding hands in the oval office with clinton? and i'm not knocking bill, that was major for the 90s, we are just past all these little gestures like that

here we go again ...

D. Askew

I don't begrudge the "power gays" the invitation. When the White House calls, you come. It's just schmoozing and photos. I am more upset about the fundraisers and lack of action on our issues.


I am a little troubled by the administrations thinking on this. Do they think that a cocktail party with "A" gays will move the grassroots? Do they believe that these people will help them calm the masses? If so, they have a very wrong reading of what "gay and lesbian leadership" really means. Why does Obama always seem to prefer social gestures to actions on even mildly controversial issues? You can't (and shouldn't) be popular with everybody, and yet at every turn that it what he does. In the end it makes for bad policy and weak (or no) leadership.

D. Askew

i'd actually rather have our "fierce advocate" call harry reid and tell him to put the hate crimes bill up for a vote right now. i can toast to that, but this gay soiree? not so much


Obama's Super Bowl party with the Republicans didnt go so well. They ate his food, laughed with him and then refused to vote for his stimulus plan.


@ Rod:

So you'll be attending? :)
HaHa, yeah my gold engraved invitation arrived today, lol. -RM


VERY disappointing that Rod didn't get an invite!

And re the Conference Call - whose fault is it that it went 'the Administration's way'? The Admin, or those folks who called in and didn't ask hard questions?

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