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15 June 2009



Strange as it may seem, Woods and Obama might possibly be adversaries in Washington regarding gay rights - if the administration's latest actions are any indication.

Keith C

Doesn't seem like a strange observation to make at all. The White House is obviously not interested in pursuing DADT or other gay rights priorities right now.

I think Woods will make a fine congressman. I donated a few bucks and hope to give more soon.


i am donating ten bucks right now ...


Since I live in his district, I'll vote for him. I think Congress needs his unique perspective. I think DADT is one of the most offensive discriminatory policies in existence. This country relies on an all-volunteer military to protect its shores and interests. How can any able-bodied person be denied the honor to potentially put his or her life on the line for their country? We have seen the military relax its standards and allow people with criminal records including felonies to serve their country. What's even worse is that a non-citizen with a green card can join the military and be rewarded with an accelerated path towards citizenship. Let's soak that point in. A non-American citizen can freely join the military and have more rights than a gay American citizen. I just read an article on Salon.com that says that military has relaxed its rules and is allowing white supremacists to join. That disgusts me to no end. It is even more shameful that Mr. Woods will have to pay back his tuition because he is openly gay and was "honorably" discharged. They want money from him, but how can they give him back the years he served his country with distinction? What's honorable about that.

If I were President Obama, I would fly my butt out to Travis AFB and fully endorse him for Congress. I would also tap him to be the point man for ending DADT. I know President Obama won't do it. But that gesture would go a long way and would be loud and clear.

I've already made up my mind and I will be voting for Anthony Woods.


I’ve made my contributions too. It’s time to get folks like us who are us, having the aptitude and intelligence to advocate for us.

Obama better watch out someone is on his tail.

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