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23 June 2009



I heard this event was great, I am so sorry I wasn't there.

And that Wendy Williams is a MF'ing trip. She is not laughing "with" black gay men. She is laughing "at" us.


I wish I lived in NYC so I could attend such an event. I love the way that new media (such as this blog-- which I LOVE) allow us to connect and keep us informed. I learn so much from sources I didn't know existed two years ago.

Rod, a big thanks for your MAJOR contributions both on this blog and in other media forms. Please know you are appreciated!

And Wendy Williams is a total mess!! Her hair looks like a rat's nest and her makeup makes her look like she was beaten by a sack of nickels!

Nathan James

Nathan Seven scott and company desrve all the praise they get for putting on such an excellent event. In addition to DJ Baker (who I work closely with on Da Doo Dirty Show, and who is deeply committed to LGBTs of color), another panelist of Greet The Press I should mention is Dex Star G, The People's photographer. He is a black, gay artist who uses photography as his medium, and he is a fixture of the NYC gay community.

We need to hear dialogues like GTP more often, as our artists can open up the vast possibilities of creativity so vital to our lives!


It seems just like yesterday morning (though it has been years) she was threatening to come to a Blatino party and expose all the men who attended those types of "get down" parties over in Brooklyn. Funny how her threat ended up with several parties after that ending quicking after the police showed up and everyone was out in the hallway in their underwear or butt naked.

Her and Tyra Banks (who is thoughtful enough to stretch a sheet across the folding cardtable chairs her audience sits on) can only be laughed at, though I can sit through a Wendy Williams show better than Phonyanna.

Like her I do I know she has no love for gay men. The B is too street to give in to reality we are everywhere.


What Kevjack said.

I wish I were in NYC too and were at the panel. There are fewer television and film opportunities but we are creating so many vehicles for ourselves....from Noah's Arc and Dirty Laundry to You Tube shows and Facebook groups.

Isn't "Finding Me" on DVD or about to come to DVD?

I'm also another black gay man who can't stand that awful tranny mess Wendy Williams. She is moistly popular with younger blk gays and the "kids". She is awful and this call in example proves it. I am ready for her 23yo stans to run up in here to defend her good name , lol. Beat it sister!

And of course Kevjack is right. You are doing the damn thing here and everywhere and making us proud. (And making other hateful but who gives a shyt!) Happy pride and happy birthday baby boy!


now this is what pride is all about!

Rod Mc

@ Nathan:

Thanks for the reminder. I updated the post. And there were typos in this, sorry folks, I am so tired. -RM

Laurence P

Hat's off to the producers; Richard Pelzer II, Dwight O'Neal and Cornelius Jones who brought together such an incredible group of powerful individuals. Although Sheldon brought up the Wendy incident it just amplified the purpose of the program which was to find ways to work together as new media to increase the power and recognition of black lgbt community. It was an honor to take part in the program and we thank the Future organization for allowing Nubian Dreams it's host Tammy Peay participate.

Nathan Seven Scott

Thanks for showcasing us Rod. Wish you could have been there. There are so many people DYING to meet you in person. So where will you be this Saturday, June 27th? Dishing it with Dwight, I hope.

Special thanks to EVERYONE who came out to support this movement!


This is such an inspiring story.
I am so proud of my black LGBT family.


I don't understand why gay males idolize females. Wendy is evil. maybe that's why some gays do, because their evil queens.

A. Ronald

This is a really good report.
I'm so pleased the video was included. That entire radio show sounded like a hot mess.

And as always hats off to you Rod.
You give the same props to up and coming black LGBTs as you do the big names.

Happy birthday to you birthday boy!


thank you Nathan Scott! this was very impressive!

you have done some great things for the brothas and sistahs of new york city!

and thanks rod, for our black gay CNN!


I enjoyed listening to the show. It makes me proud to know that there is an outlet such as this. I truly wished that I had been in attendance. This is very informative.. When will the next event take place?



I agree about Wendy Williams being a hot mess, but I don't think calling her a "tranny mess" makes it any better. Could we not insult her using epithets for trans folks?


I found the 23 year old caller to be very confused. First, he asked if he should stay in or exit the relationship with the HIV infected dude. Then, further along in the conversation, he said he had already made the decision to go and asked how he should tell the guy. Even though it was Wendy's belief that bailing was the best solution for the caller's dilemma, she should have been sensitive to her gay audience and worded her BAIL/BAGGAGE response better. Wendy should know that AIDS/HIV are no longer a death sentence. She needs to rejouj her entire education concerning a lot of today's issues.


@LaurynX:You are right...I apologize and stand corrected. That was uncalled for.

Rod Mc

LaurynX, that was a good call.

BTW, I like your blog and it's been added to the blogroll. -RM



Thanks for the blog link love!


To be fair, anyone who calls Wendy with a dating dilemma in their early 20's she always tells them to bail, that you should be selective when your that age and be more understanding when you get older. Of course she didn't word it right because she's basically ignorant. Entertaining, but ignorant. Actually I think she dumbs herself down on the radio to appeal to the "chickenhead" side of her audience. And she definitely no friend of the black gay community.

Dwight Allen O'Neal

Thanks for all the support and for giving this wonderful summary of what was the most informational kick off to PRIDE 2009, I was really excited to have so many of our own community who are involved in the press sitting in one room!!! For all of you that assisted in any kind of way, we at THE Future reach out to you and thank you for everything! We missed you Nathan James, you are an activist who should have been there to be heard...


As a black gay man who is actually positive, I would have to agree with Wendy on this one. At 23 I did not know how to navigate a relationship with someone who is positive. Many of us (poz or not) don't know how to have a relationship with another dude at age 40 let alone at age 23. But it's already hard enough finding a long term relationship with any black gay man, so why add this extra layer to the mix. Having HIV is no joke and should not be taken lightly by any means. At 23, what would happen if your partner gets sick? Would you be around to take care of them? What about helping them emotionally? Would you know how to help them cope? And in 1 months time, he doesn't have to feel obligated to be with anyone no matter their status.

And I am all for full disclosure and giving someone the opportunity to choose.

West Side Poz

...As a black gay man who is actually positive, I would have to agree with Wendy on this one. At 23 I did not know how to navigate a relationship with someone who is positive....

Really? You're actually HIV positive and agreeing with a radio fag hag who asks her staff to "raise their hand if they would ever date some HIV positive"? Did you also agree withe her claim "that was the problem" with black gay men?

I'm HIV positive and would never agree with that BS. Oh and for the record, their are many HIV poz men and women who are younger than 23. And many HIV poz do not "get sick."

For someone poz, you don't seem to be aware of many of the issues. But you keep telling yourself that, "DC"...


Well, I'm glad to see a successful forum though it could be expanded to Atlanta where there is also a significant gay black population.

On Wendy, it is what it is. She has her entertaining moment, but she's ignorant a number of things. However, Sheldon's recap of the event slightly differs from what really happened in the audio. She didn't clown on him as audio of the actual exchange at all, actually she was quite respectful (repeating we can agree to disagree) and let him speak his peace. She should be called out for the bad advice, but he shouldn't fabricate and change what really happened when the audio of the interview reveals otherwise. That makes his credibility be questioned about a situation.



wish i could have been at the NYC forum. we need have similar forums in SF on black gays and the media.

i've started a controversy over the whiteness of the official interpride guide, whatever the hell that is, that is littering SF streets.

check this out:


be sure to read the comments section, where i've posted the official response from the SF PRIDE denouncing the white washed guide.


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