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15 June 2009


Luis Ramirez

I have a new policy of my own: Don't Call, Don't Contribute.

I wrote my congressperson (Gutierrez) and Senators (Durbin and Burris) over the weekend to express my anger over this hateful homophobic DOJ brief. I added that since I'll need to increase my contributions to equality groups to fight this administration, I'll no longer be able to contribute to Democratic causes.

Gutierrez has represented my district ably and is very pro-gay. He might continue to get some donations. These other Democrats can take a hike.

D. Askew

This is almost operatic.

Ralph Davis

This is almost like it's deliberate. I really find it hard to believe that all of these insults of the past month or so are mere coincidences. You'd have to be a pretty wild-eyed coincidence theorist to believe that.

I'm starting to think they got together and said "What are the top 10 ways we can stick it to the GLBT community?"

Okay that was obviously a joke, but what other major constituency of the Democratic party has gotten such sh$t from the Democrats and Obama on such a consistent basis?

They've been nicer to the GOP, anti-choice nutballs, the religious right, etc. than they have to the people who worked so hard to put them in office.

Andre H

Neo-Nazis are in the Army now. Please explain why the U.S. military is ignoring its own regulations and permitting white supremacists to join its ranks.

Nazis, rapists and gangbangers welcome, gays and lesbians are not.

Andre H

Oh and thanks Rod for putting the "Leader" in Senate Majority Leader in quotes. I am seeing precious little leadership from congress or the White House on equal rights. The only ones truly leading are the state equality organizations, the legal advocacy organizations and many people at the grassroots.


It's an outrage to see good, honorable people like Anthony Woods, Dan Choi and the other gay and lesbian servicemen and women who have been kicked out of the military just because they wanted to serve their country openly. Now they are sacrificed because of this spineless homophobic BS from the Democratic Party.

No more money and votes from me. Eff this sh!t. I've had it with that bullsh!t from them.


And coincidentally Ellen Tauscher is lured off the Hill and promoted to teh upper echelons of the administration...weeks after she introduces a bill to end DADT.



@ G.

Nope, don't see a coincidence at all...maybe she was just tired of the House and didn't mind being part of an exciting new administration.

I'm not going to defend Reid or Obama on this one...they are obviouisly playing "hot potato" but that must mean the issue is just too hot right now!I'm sure the White House and Congress will get to all of their gay rights bills when timing is better.

But yes I will admit it does suck that they are throwing this on each other lap's.

King Drive

@ Freddy:

You don't have to admit it.
Ray Charles can see the congress and the White House are punting this to each other. neither one wants to do the work.

But if not now, when? Dr. Martin Luther King said there is NEVER a good time to press for civil rights. There will always be something else on the event horizon, always other things. We had to pressure Kennedy and Johnson for our rights, at the same time there was war in Vietnam, wars, Cuba Bay of Pigs, Cold War, huge social upheaval, riots... it doesn't get any better.

But I would love to hear you forecast when you think will be a better time to ask for our civil rights.


That's an execellent question. When is a better time?


@ luis:

i totally agree with you on that. money and votes talk and that would definitely get there attention.


After the "catch-22" situation between Obama and Reid claiming that the other should be the one doing something about this, it appears that no one ever really planned to move this along. The clock is ticking Mr. Obama and Mr. Reid. You have been outed and your plan to just sit on our rights has been revealed. We hold you to your word while you campaign for reelection.


Oh for crying out loud. Is there anyone in leadership on our issues? C'mon guys, it's not that hard, Harry Reid and the White House kicking the can back and forth shows me that someone is lying or there has been no discussion or plan. Or both.

Chris Cruz

As an honorably discharged veteran (USAF),, I'm actually more than a little insulted this issue is not a priority of either the congress or the White House. DADT is actually low hanging fruit because 70% of all Americans favor its repeal. But the military is run by Chriustians, fundies and hardliners.

I have said this before and hope I could be wrong, but DADT may be the country's tipping point, not gay marriage. If you have complete integration in the military, there really is no legitimate arguement against gays and lesbians wanting to marry. 'You're telling me I can pay taxes and go fight for my country but not marry?'


In other words, Who's On First?
Or, The Buck Stops Absolutely No F#cking Where.


what is SAD is that so many Queers will continue voting Democratic. How pitiful.


The Democratic Party has welcomed GLBT people with a hug and outstretched arms. In the left hand here is a contribution envelope and the right hand a voter registration card. The hug comes with a whisper that promises: "We'll take care of you guys after we win, if you give us your enthusiastic and unquestioning support."

I"m beginning to think I should have just voted Republican.. after all I know where I stand with the GOP.


Everyone wants someone else to take leadership on it. Hey Reid, if you don't have sponsors, guess what, you can sponsor it yourself!

I like the idea posted here. Call your democratic congresspeople and the DNC and tell them now action equals no money.


I just got an email from the Obama admin asking to donate money to help with health care. I replied that I appreciated the goals Obama has set for health care and the economy, but I will not donate until lgbt issues are a priority.

I will continue to give to individual candidates; Charles Pugh, Anthony Woods, but the Democratic party gets no money from me.

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