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16 June 2009


Danny Rivera

They're talking about this DoJ filing on CBS this morning. Everyone is talking about this now. It's not going away because there is another, much larger case later June, the GLAD case in Massachusetts that has a much stronger probability of going forward. Obviously the Justice Dept will defend DOMA, but here is to hoping they do so only on technicalities and less homophobic language.

Tick, tock.


The suit you are refrring to is Gill, et al vs. Office of Personnel Management. There are 8 couples and three widowers in Masachusetts who filed suit against the federal government and cite Section 3 of DOMA. That section bars the federal government from granting certain protections to legally married same-sex couples.

Section 2 allows states to refuse to recognize same sex marriages from other states.

The idea behind Gill is to punch a "hole" in DOMA so it's easier to come back on round two and get Section 2 thrown out. And yes, Gill has a very good chance of going to the Supremes and winning, it was crafted to specifically appeal to five justices.

I think that suit is a winner, btw. GLAD brought us the Massachusetts and Connecticut marriage cases. They know what they are doing.


I'd say "huge mistake" sounds about right.

alicia banks

obama is not our ally!

when will homos wake up to the blackish hoax that is obama?!?

thank you rod for calling him out since day 1

i blogged on more of his lies today too



What do we have right here? The straight former head of the DNC and governor of a state saying that the Justice Dept brief was horrendous and went too far. Perhaps that's enough proof for the gay Obama apologists? The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CBS and ABC are all talking about this and some of us want to stick our fingers in our ears and pretends "gay bloggers" are over reacting? I don't think so.

And Alicia has a point. Rod you've been extremely fair toward Obama since the nomination and have only started reporting this stuff in the past two weeks. But I know you weren't sold on the hope and change during the primaries. What's the real haha is that Obama's biggest gay critics were once his biggest cheerleaders like Aravosis and Sullivan. And you and others have been relatively quiet. I guess you expected this.


Oh and let me add fwiw I supported Obama in the primaries and donated to his campaign. Not giving a dime now to him or the DNC until they move on our issues. I'm calling my representative and senators todat.

Too Black, Too Strong

wow, just wow

had no idea this story was so big


I don't think we need to point fingers and say who was right and who was wrong...let's just say that we should all recommitt ourselves to applying pressure to our state, local and federal politicians. And that includes the president....it's obvious we are not going to get our rights unless we fight for them. Some of us did believe it would be easier and okay yes i'll admit some of us believed Obama would do everything when he was ready. Now I see that he may be never be ready, we have to keep his feet to the fire.


Hmmmm. It's mighty quiet up n here. You could hear crickets in this post and the Rachel Maddow/Dean post. Where is the usual army of denialists who are ready, willing and able to defend the "fierce advocate"?

It's kinda hard when all the news stations and newspapers are talking about how the gays were bent over and royally fcked, possibly for years, on this brief.

Derrick from Philly

" Where is the usual army of denialists who are ready, willing and able to defend the "fierce advocate"?"

Well, GRANT, you seem to be assuming that all gay people put gay marriage equality at the top of the list of their concerns for the country. That may not be true, GRANT.


Black community is Obama's main supporter, and Black community is also Christian oriented and hates LGBT community. Look at what happened at Prop. 8 and DC's marriage act.

This must be a dilemma for Obama -- should I respect my Black folks and the massive Christian voters, or help gay people?

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