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18 June 2009



Here we go again, another foolish anti gay black pastor, also dripping in diamonds. Look at her, looooove the wedding ring. And she wants to prevent us from having a wedding ring too!


Three Washington DC stories in a row?! Rod you are loving the District today and as a resident I love it! Thanks!


OMFG, Miss Bishop Jackson is giving you every bit of Liz Taylor throwing that ring up before the camera like that!

Derrick from Philly

Who'd have ever thought we see the day when some black clergy, right-wing Christians, klansman, American Nazis and the Aryan Brotherhood could join together for the same cause?

All these anti-gay ministers look like they're kinda' throw'd in the head...and they're hiding something. I'm not joking. They don't look at peace with themselves--like they want to beat somebody. Bad juju "trade", honey.

Aaron Parker

@ ROD:

Boy you are slaying me with these photos. Kevin ain't never lied...that gay bashing "pastor" is serving you fierce Liz Taylor diamonds. Work it out, work!


Who cares about what that pastor looks like or what he's wearing. We need to be more concerned and vigilant about this referendum getting to the people. I don't relish "the people" once again denying rights to a certain class of people just because they hold ignorant views about them. People shouldn't be allowed to vote on others' rights. This referendum must be killed before it gets to the ballot box. Remember California.


Derrick said: Who'd have ever thought we see the day when some black clergy, right-wing Christians, klansman, American Nazis and the Aryan Brotherhood could join together for the same cause?

Doesn't it make you feel good that we can bring together in peace the Nazis and the pastors? There was a time—like when MLK Jr. walked the Earth—when the pastors fought the KKK. But now, they are allies.

See, we do have a constructive role to play in society.


I can't believe this hate is coming from one of my favorite cities in the U.S.A. These crazy, "Christian" MFs need to move to the bible belt. This is incredible. Are these pastors just as vigilant when it comes to helping the hopeless, the employed member of their congregation, or the single mother? SMH...this is a disgrace.


Ravenback speaks the whole truth.

What I find amazing is that the Good Bishop does not live in the District of Columbia, speaking of appointed bureaucrats taking decisions away from the people.



Now you know I am not that shallow, as I have posted on this que...Bishop Jackson many times.

Blame it on Rod, he threw that bait out there! lolo

This one is really on the DC black gay community to stand up to these anti-gay pastors, though.

But if the actual City Council voted was 12-1 for allowing same-sex marriages from other states, how much of this is smoke and mirrors?

I would rather not take that chance, of course. What needs to be done needs to be done as far as canvassing and outreach and what not.


@ Kevin and Ravenback:

Both of you make some very good points and speaking as a gay black man who lives in DC I couldn't agree more. The black gay community here is very large, very connected but very complacent. We haven't stepped up to the plate, I will agree with that.


The one thing I still don't get is, does this churl even live in DC, or is that where he gets his checks from the white evangelicals who are doing the real talking??

And is anyone in the black gay community saying anything, or just going to the club and complaining?


@ Kevin

I hope you didn't think that I was accusing you or anyone else of being shallow. I just get deeply worried when gay rights issues go in front of "the people" to decide. The minority needs to be protected from the majority. That's all I'm saying.


I live in PG about 5 minutes outside of DC proper. For those not in the area, calm down. This is going nowhere fast. A judge will probably throw it out sooner than later. The DC charter on human rights is pretty bullet proof. It simply doesn't allow you to vote away the civil rights of your neighbors. Hmm..What a novel idea, huh? They were talking about this fool a few weeks ago on a local NPR show and neither the host nor guest could keep from cracking up on the sheer ridiculousness of this man and his hateful crusade. I'm not saying we should be complacent, but I think this is now mostly about the 'good' Bishop making a name for himself nationally and of course, the dollars that follow.


It's sad to see this minister in bed w/ the Alliance Defense Fund...members of which would likely light him ablaze were he to set foot in their homes.

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