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22 June 2009



Unfortunately, I feel another republican will become governor.


I didn't want this f***er as gov nor mayor. Latinos are out of control in this county (LA).

A. Martinez



@ kmart:

more out of control than the crips in long beach? Or the black on black crime in compton? yea umm nice try

J in L.A.

Typo correction: The L.A. deficit amount is
$530 million.


Everybody stop the race-baiting. Kmark, that was uncalled for and you know it.


My first thought on hearing this on NPR was, "really?" Him running for governor was a possibility? He's not a great mayor in the first place.



Go and read about the Mexican gangs pushing blacks out of LA and then talk to me. Ain't nothing of that was race-baiting cause it's the truth. Please don't protect all the latinos cause that's what you sleep with Raven.


@ Kmark

I strongly suggest you check yourself. You are race-baiting when you make negative comments about a certain ethnic group. And you don't know anything about me to suggest who I sleep with. Obviously, you are incapable of taking it after you have dished it out. So pull your panties out of your crack and adjust yourself. The wedgy has cut the circulation off to your brain. If you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen because you will get burned.


@ Kmark

And furthermore, let's not even get into the issue of gangs. Are you somehow suggesting the Black gangs are better than Latino gangs? Because there are a whole lot of dead Black folks who will tell you otherwise. All gangs are scum. All gangs destroy communities and lives. So if you can't talk about all gangs, then don't talk about any at all. What are you know -- the spokesman for the Crips or the Bloods? Resolve that issue first.

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